Saturday, October 16

Storch: “AfD seeks pacts with Vox without touching national sovereignty”

Born Duchess of Oldenburg, granddaughter of a Hitler minister and lawyer, Beatrix von Storch is once again running as a candidate in next Sunday’s general elections for the far-right and anti-European Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. A MEP between 2014 and 2017, a member of the Bundestag since then, she is considered a great activist in right-wing political networks. In conversation with a group of foreign correspondents in Berlin, he rejects the treatment of “minority group” and advocates a right-wing international. «We believe that on international stages there should be a cooperation of right-wing parties. As a patriotic liberal conservative party in Germany we seek forces with which to partner, because the left works internationally and must

be fought at that level. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. I have been to Turkey, on its border with Iran, and I have verified that our fight against the global migration pacts is fully justified. What we need in a global pact for border security and against organized illegal immigration. Before I was in Brazil. I believe that if we establish networks, the right-wing movements of the world can achieve much more. All over the world there are parties like ours that are concerned about these issues, ”says Von Storch.

– Do you consider AfD and Vox comparable? Have they made contact?

“Not me personally, but it’s on my schedule.” Joint work is possible, you just have to establish at what level. Always without touching the internal affairs of each country, respecting national sovereignty.

—In 2017 you did not mind going into internal affairs and you asked the Spanish Government to respect the result of an illegal referendum …

—In 2017 I didn’t do that, I didn’t say anything.

—A quick search on Google reveals that on September 20, 2017 at 12:23 you wrote on Twitter: “Whoever wants to take democracy seriously must also take seriously the opinion of the citizens of Catalonia.”

—We do not interfere in the decisions of the people.

—The AfD party began as a party of professors, academics and economists who wanted to stop European integration, but now it has overturned that nationalist drive against immigration.

“The party hasn’t changed.” What happens is that immigration has been an important issue since 2015. We defend the national state, traditional values, we position ourselves against debt, we do not want a European state. We warn that mass immigration is changing the social architecture and security of this country. And we are responding to the issues that arise from that perspective. We are the ones who say out loud that renewable energy will not be enough, we cannot depend on the wind or the sun. It is a fact that there will be no electricity for all those electric cars and we demand an alternative climate investigation.

—AfD proposes to increase the German armament, but it is against missions abroad like the one in Afghanistan …

“Afghanistan is proof that the German government has been systematically ignoring reality.” Twenty years have been spent trying to do what Russia failed to do. We have always rejected that mission because it does not benefit Germany. It was a fact that we could not win.

—Electorally, according to polls, AfD seems to have peaked between 10% and 12%. The electoral campaign does not seem to be able to move that percentage.

“We can hardly campaign.” Due to the pandemic, the events are smaller although the rents cost the same. It is difficult or uncomfortable for voters to attend. And they hardly want to rent us premises. In addition, in each of our acts hostile people appear. Our posters are systematically damaged. At our rallies, attendees are insulted, photographed, pressured. But we are still there, with more than 10%, in the Bundestag, despite all this and the treatment given to us by the media, which publishes a lot of false news, such as with the prohibition of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. We were the ones who presented the request to the Bundestag, but instead of voting ours, the other parties presented theirs, so as not to support us. And, of course, we did not vote for it. The headline was that all parties except AfD outlawed Hezbollah. But despite the instrumentalization that the media make of constitutional freedom of expression, we are still there.

—The polls indicate that the left is turning green in Germany.

– It’s a very pale green. Getting between 20% and 23%, which is what Scholz has, is not so bad. The voting level is low. The two major parties are not enough to govern together and it is a consequence of what Merkel has done in 16 years. Voters don’t know where the CDU is or what it stands for. The party has been torn apart. If the CDU loses its presence in the ministries, if it cannot place its people, many will come to AfD. Many of its deputies confess that they would vote for the AfD. And the SPD is doing a little better just because, as soon as the green candidate had to start talking, it was evident that she knows nothing about anything, that she is there only because she is a woman,

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