Friday, December 9

Streamer Amouranth reappeared after episode of violence | Digital Trends Spanish

Popular Twitch and Onlyfans streamer, Amouranthreappeared in public in a broadcast after accusing last weekend of October 16, that she was suffering domestic violence from her husband.

36 hours later, the woman appeared on camera without any type of production, without makeup and almost wearing pajamas, implying that she feels liberated and safe.

She also confessed that her pets, threatened at first by her husband, were out of danger.

“As of today, I have access to all my accounts and finances again,” said the influencer. Next line, she stated that she is “looking for legal and emotional advice” after the crude episode.

According to The Verge, “he thanked his fans and friends who reached out to offer help and support, and even expressed his gratitude towards people who don’t like him.” “Even the haters are like, ‘Damn, I hate Amouranth, but I hope he’s okay.’ That’s nice,” she reflected.

Finally, he stated that he feels “free” and hopes to have control of the content that he will continue to produce on the different digital platforms. “I don’t know what I’m going to do next,” she confessed.

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