Tuesday, July 5

Streaming to announce Windows 11 resulted in disaster | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft’s most anticipated event turned out to be quite disastrous, at least in its early days: the live broadcast with the presentation of Windows 11 just didn’t work out.

Both in the official Microsoft streaming and in the channels that broadcast on YouTube, there were problems with the video; the transmission did not start on time and in addition, there were several cuts in the video. Without going any further, the most problematic platform to follow the transmission was precisely that of the official site and so much so that the company’s suggestion was to follow the event on Twitter (obviously, YouTube is out of the question).

It is truly unthinkable that one of the largest technology companies in the world has trouble picking up a video stream like the millions that occur every day. And it’s hard to justify it by the fact that too many people were connecting at the same time or that the servers were not enough, because Microsoft has Azure as one of the most important cloud computing solutions in the world.

Beyond the fact that this is finally a small stumbling block and that it has no relevance in the product to be presented as such -in this case, Windows 11-, the truth is that the comparisons are odious as well as necessary: ​​other companies, competitors of Microsoft like Apple or Google, carry out several similar events a year and never make the news for this type of failure.

As I write this, I am following the event broadcast on an unofficial YouTube channel because the Windows page is stumbling or just sticking.

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