Wednesday, October 20

Student groups destroy the tent of an anti-independence group in the Autonomous Region of Barcelona

Incidents at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) a few weeks after starting the course. A group of students, some of them linked to the Sindicat d’Estudiants dels Països Catalans (SEPC), have called a rally against the anti-independence student group ‘S’ha Acabat’ and have ended up destroying the tent that they had installed in the Civic Square from campus.

The events occurred around 10:30 a.m., when the student group entered the square, rebuked the members of the tent and dismantled and damaged the facility, as well as its propaganda material. This has been collected in some images taken by UAB Media.

S’ha Acabat has denounced the attitude of the protesters and also that the rectory has not ensured their safety, but sources from the center emphasize that there were private security personnel.

The group had set up a booth coinciding with the first bars of the academic year to attract partners and promote the principles it espouses, including the defense of giving classes in Spanish at the university, according to sources from S’ha Acabat. “When we had not been installed for half an hour, a hundred people arrived with banners, smoke canisters and microphones to boycott the event,” explained its president, Julia Calvet, in statements to the ACN.

For its part, the SEPC assures that they have made the internal call in the Civic Square because they consider that the UAB “has no place in fascism”, in reference to S’ha Acabat, as stated by the spokeswoman Marta Daviu in statements to the ACN. “We will be there as many times as necessary to combat fascism,” they added.

The boycott of the tent has provoked the reaction of rejection of political parties such as the PP, the PSC or Ciudadanos. The latter and also Vox have even traveled to the UAB to make statements.

“I roundly and without nuances condemn the attack suffered by S’ha Acabat at the UAB today,” said the leader of the PSC and head of the opposition, Salvador Illa. “It is intolerable that students are not allowed to express themselves with total freedom. We cannot look the other way, universities belong to everyone,” he said.

Vox and Ciudadanos travel to the UAB

The president of the Vox parliamentary group, Ignacio Garriga, has called the protesters “totalitarian criminals” and “puppies of Aragonés and Borràs”. And he has opined that the independence project “promotes hatred and confrontation” and that this has consequences such as that in a public university there cannot be “tranquility”.

For their part, the leader of C’s in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, and deputies Nacho Martín Blanco and Juan García have denounced the “violation of the right to freedom of expression” of the members of the association and have charged the protesters for their ” totalitarian mentality “. Carrizosa has criticized the Government and the rector for their “passivity” and has regretted that the Mossos were not deployed at the UAB.

The university regrets the “instrumentalization”

Sources from the university government team have issued a statement after a few hours in which they have first rejected “the situation of tension that has been experienced”, but at the same time they have lamented the “ideological instrumentalization that is made of the campus by certain political parties, which makes academic activity invisible ”.

Likewise, they have expressed that the university should be an “example of peaceful coexistence” and of “exercise of freedom of expression, where democratic ideas and demands have a place as long as it is done with respect for all members of the community and public property. ”.

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