Monday, August 15

Student is tortured and killed in cryptocurrency theft

A computer science student was found dead in a lake in France, according to local media his body was stabbed about 20 times before his death and the motivation was the sum of 200 thousand euros, equivalent to 1.3 million reais, in cryptocurrencies.

The case took place in August this year in France and involved at least five people. Two of them were arrested last Friday while the other three had already been arrested days after the murder.

Apparently, the crime was premeditated since the criminals had already created an account in an exchange, a few days before the crime, intending to use it to convert the cryptocurrencies into Euros and divide the amount among the five.


The 19-year-old victim caught the attention of criminals due to an amount equivalent to 1.3 million reais in various cryptocurrencies that was generated by a crypto trading software that the young man himself created.

Among those accused of murder are three men aged 18, 23 and 33 who have already been arrested. The eldest of the three was the victim’s lover and tried to cover up his crime claiming that the two were victims of a homophobic attack, but he abandoned this defense. Although they admitted involvement, none of them claimed to have stabbed the young man.

According to the prosecutor responsible for the case that took place in Alto Sona, France, the young man was still alive when he was thrown into the lake and the cause of death was drowning.

“The numerous blows observed between the sternum and the lower part of the face can attest to a torture session or a gesture of passion”

Two other people were also later arrested for being involved in the crime, the eldest’s twin brother and his wife. According to the prosecutor in the case, although involvement was initially denied, the two admitted that they were aware of the plan and did not denounce it to authorities.

career in crime

According to authorities, the five involved already had records for minor crimes and the distribution of the amount of 1.3 million reais in cryptocurrencies had already been planned even before the execution of the plan. In addition, the only woman in the group had already created an account on an exchange to use it to withdraw the amount.

The first three were arrested for murder in August, just days after the incident. And the couple, who was an accomplice, was arrested this last Friday, October 22nd.

While cryptocurrency users take several preventive actions against online hacks, the real world is the one that poses the greatest dangers, leaving not only their money at risk, but also their life. Because of this, it is important to keep your investments secret.