Saturday, December 4

Students participate in the exhibition of bands for the celebration of the 118 years of the Republic of Panama

Panamanian students participated in the band exhibition representing their respective schools in various parts of the country to honor the 118 of the Republic of Panama who celebrate this November 3, amid biosecurity measures given the continuity of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unlike last year when there were no gang activities because the numbers of cases due to the pandemic were very high.

EThis year the Ministries of Health and Education gave the green light for the exhibition of bands of musicals in the stadiums of the country to celebrate the 118 years of Republican life and the Bicentennial of the Independence of Panama from Spain, the number of members per student delegation will be 100 people and 150 per independent band.

Tickets to enter the stadiums were distributed free of charge through the municipal councils, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture. Platforms were installed for the authorities, as is traditional in Panama when national activities are held.

The band exhibition was approved due to the significant drop in the numbers of cases and deaths by Covid-19.