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Study reveals that Facebook still collects data from minors | Digital Trends Spanish

The controversy between Facebook and teen-oriented ads doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. And less so when a new study reveals that the company has not fulfilled its promise to limit the advertising shown to minors.

The study of the organizations Fair Play, Reset Australia and Global Action Plan ensures that the social network “has not limited the use of advertising that monitors people.” And not only that, Facebook “still collects personal data from children or minors to improve its ad system.”

The report also ensures that the new segmentation method, which now allows artificial intelligence to decide the target segment and not those who pay for the ads, “does not represent a demonstrable improvement” over what existed. And a key detail is that “due to the predictive power of artificial intelligence, this new system may be even worse for minors.”

The researchers conducted tests by creating fake profiles for Facebook, whose ages were 13 and 16. These accounts were opened in clean browsers, without cookies nor any files that could mess up the experiment. The result concludes that there is evidence that Facebook did store account data through a mechanism called Facebook Pixel.

The recommendation of the study is that Facebook provide greater transparency on the impact of this new system and that “clarify whether it is indeed more appropriate for minors.” And whatever the case, they must also commit to ending this kind of surveillance, the purpose of which is to deliver advertising that is much more segmented and adjusted to the interests of minors.

The study comes to light after Meta assured that the best thing for young people is to take a break from their platforms such as Instagram, because it can be harmful to their health.

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