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Subdivx closes: veteran subtitle download page says goodbye to pressure from rights owners will close at the end of this 2021. After almost 20 years of operation, Subdivx had become one of the great references in the Spanish-speaking world for downloading subtitles for series and movies. But its creator has announced the decision to permanently close the portal, explaining that he does not want to continue fighting with the rights owners.

The subtitles website is still active at the moment, but it no longer supports new registrations and at the end of this year it will stop working. These are the reasons why Subdivx closes.

Rights management company Comeso closes Subdivx after threatening its hosting firm

Subdivx Subtitulos

The explanation at the end is provided by ‘Deif’, nickname by which the Subdivx administrator is known:

“Hello friends. Nobody likes to give bad news, but unfortunately I have to inform you that at the end of the year, we will close the site permanently. I would like to be able to keep the subdivx open for another thousand years, but it can’t be. The rights owners don’t know They give up, and let’s face it, they always win in the end. Download the subs while you can. Thanks to all the creators for the stamina, it was nice while it lasted… “

Specifically, it points to Comeso, a German copyright management company that has been in dispute with Subdivx for a while.

As explained The nation, who has been able to contact the Subdivx administrator, Comeso contacted the company eStruxture, the hosting where the web is stored of subtitles. A threat that has been the final auction so that ‘Deif’ has made the decision to close the portal.


“The subtitles are copyrighted, and they have been chasing us with that for years; nothing ever happened with the hostings in Canada, but now they got tired, obviously. A while ago I received an email from the current hosting, saying that they are canceling us at the end of the year and the truth is that I no longer have energy to upload the site to a new one “, summarized the administrator of Argentine origin.

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Subdivx is not the first page of subtitles to close. In 2015 it closed Even then, the lawyers seemed to agree that making a translation, without permission, of a work, even if it is in a format other than the original work, does violate copyright.