Wednesday, January 19

Subsidized rate loans announced for tourism and culture MSMEs

As officially announced, they will have a rate discount through FONDEP and with guarantees from FoGAr and FoGaBA. They will be subject to credit rating and must be used for working capital and evolution expenses. They will be 24-month loans with a 12-month grace period for the capital payment.

The Province Tourism credits will be used for micro, small and medium-sized companies located in the province of Buenos Aires and may grant amounts of up to 2 and a half months of sales with a ceiling of $ 10 million. The monotributistas of categories A, B and C will be able to receive $ 50,000 and those of the other categories, up to $ 200,000. Among the activities included are hotels, campsites, travel agencies, restaurants, rotisseries, catering services, spas, adventure tourism, motorized tourist transport, organization of sporting events, carousels, theme parks and botanical gardens and zoos.

While, Culture Province credits will be directed to Buenos Aires MSMEs except monotributistas, they will deliver amounts of up to 2 and a half months of billing with a ceiling of $ 7 million and the list of activities that can be benefited includes printing newspapers, newspapers, books, brochures and magazines; sale of books, CDs and DVDs, manufacture of musical instruments; photography, design, artistic teaching, ticket sales service, libraries, archives, production of musical, artistic or theatrical events and distribution or exhibition of films, among others.

“The financing agenda is central to the growth of SMEs. Tourism and culture were two of the sectors most affected by the pandemic but today they are in the process of reactivation and these lines that we are announcing seek to accompany and strengthen that process, ”Merediz said.

In this context, he highlighted “the work coordinated with the government of the province of Buenos Aires, BAPRO and Fogaba that allows us to generate financial inclusion for many small and medium-sized companies that previously did not have access to credit” and specified that “From SEPyME, through FONDEP, we discount 24 points of interest during the first year, and 6 points the second year in these two lines, while FOGAR provides guarantees for 75% of the credits so that everyone can access”.

Also present at the launch were the Undersecretary of Industry, SMEs and Cooperatives of the Province, Mariela Bembi; the Buenos Aires Undersecretary of Tourism, Soledad Martínez; the president of FOGABA, Verónica Wejchenberg; the president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism, Gustavo Hani; and authorities of the Tourism Hotel Association and the Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation of the Argentine Republic.