Thursday, July 7

Successful first robotic cloning of pigs in China | Digital Trends Spanish

A milestone in animal cloning was achieved in China, as with robotic assistance, a sow managed to give birth through the fertilization process on March 31, 2022, gave birth to seven healthy piglets of the Landrace breed.

The scientific feat was obtained by Chinese researchers from Nankai University and the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine of the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The breeding industry is the cornerstone of agriculture, and China’s pig breeding industry is also facing the “stuck neck” problem due to the lack of excellent original pig breeding resources. Therefore, this achievement will allow automating the pig gestation process to improve economic prospects and not depend on exports.

Now it has been possible to achieve complete automation of the process. The robot has microscopic vision and with the help of artificial intelligence it calculates the deformation of the cells to apply the minimum force and not damage the oocyte during the operation. This improves the precision of cloning and the speed of embryonic development.

The use of automated cloning technology increased the success of the operation from 10% to 27.5%. The first piglets resulting from the cloning are suitable for reproduction.

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