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It was until this 2021 when I began to see Succession (its first installment premiered in 2018), once I hired HBO Max after its arrival in Latin America on June 29. And it is really surprising how it transforms into one of those productions – more loaded with drama than comedy – that although it cannot be seen in one sitting, it does leave that need to want more of its story, to feel deprived once. that each one of its seasons concludes.

Pending the third, which opens this October 17, it is worth reviewing some reasons why you should see this production created by the British Jesse Armstrong (Peep show).

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Reasons to watch Succession right now

The history

Reduce Succession It is to the story of a dysfunctional family that seeks to expand its media and entertainment empire even greater than it is to give the series less credit than it deserves.

Nor should it be seen as a proposal that portrays the lives of the rich or what it means to be rich in today’s society, despite the fact that the creators did think of powerful media families – such as the Hearst, John Malone or Murdoch. to shape the Roys, the protagonists of Succession.

Far from it is the story in which the good and the bad can be separated, those who manage to redeem themselves. The characters are rich, although they are always facing situations that they cannot control and that leave them unhappy over and over again.

In a comprehensive review of the series, Rebecca Mead wrote in The New Yorker that “Succession it documents wealth, but does not fetishize it ”.

It is true, there are times when the Roys are seen in their helicopters and private planes, or in their luxurious apartments, however, they are nothing more than accessories (yes, luxurious) that seek to make up their fragility, their need to be heard more. beyond the orders and their desire to be taken into account by a father who commands respect, but at the same time awakens the deepest hatred.

For all this, the story of Succession it has a broad scope, one in which the human condition is dissected and every part of it is put under scrutiny. As might be expected, the result does not favor any member of the wealthy and wealthy Roy family.



For no clear reason, there are people who are simply uncomfortable for us. That feeling is with each of the Roys, a family made up of the patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) and sons Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Connor (Alan Ruck).

The people around them must establish defense mechanisms to avoid being eaten by them. But this law also applies within the Roy clan.

Kendall’s outbursts for being the one to take over the family conglomerates are diminished when his father stands in front of him. It all comes down to a fearful son, in need of affection and who, sooner rather than later, will relapse into drugs.

Shiv, time and time again, sows discord in their recently consummated marriage, from proposing an open relationship on their wedding day to suggesting that her husband take responsibility for an issue or two to save the Roys’ skin.

Roman is the typical young man who recklessly boasts the power of belonging to a wealthy class, but that is not even enough to establish an affectionate, intimate relationship.

Connor decides to move away from family businesses, not from their earnings, although he also fails to feel entirely comfortable with his partner, an aspiring playwright. He even has the idea of ​​running for the presidency of the United States, more because of being bored than for a real political cause.

Lastly, Logan is the embodiment of awkwardness; He shows it when he can’t be affectionate to his grandchildren — Kendall’s children — or when he delegates all sorts of dirty tasks to his heirs, with whom he can’t even extend a bond of affection, at the very least.

There seem to be somewhat sane voices in the Roys’ world trying to strike a balance, such as that of Logan’s newcomer great-nephew, Greg, or that of the wealthy family’s business general counsel, Gerri Kellman (J. Smith -Cameron). However, they are absorbed, silenced and marginalized by both father and children, to the point of being confused with the echo of the Logans.

In this sense, the humiliation can only come from themselves, so it is not uncommon to see, in their darkest moments, a Logan who urinates in his son’s office or a Roman who can only become intimate when he receives “scolding ”From Gerri, who could well be her mother.

It doesn’t take much to hate the Roys, and that’s also due to the fabulous work done by the main cast and the actors who, in their role, are spectators of all the family start-ups, like Greg himself (Nicholas Braun ); Shiv’s husband, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), and Connor’s partner, Willa (Justine Lupe).


The third installment of Succession It will start with a strengthened Kendall, while Logan does his best to stay in control, as shown in the latest trailer published by HBO. It is not an unknown situation for both of them, but the difference is that both have already hit rock bottom, especially the son, so it will not be an easy battle.

On the other hand, Shiv and Roman are also smiling at the highest bidder, while Greg and Tom seem to be at odds, yes, without losing that rude naivety that characterizes each.

While practically the same cast of the previous seasons remains, the addition of actors of great weight in this new one cannot be ignored, such as Alexander Skarsgård, Sanaa Lathan, Linda Emond, Jihae, Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Dasha Nekrasova and Hope Davis. .

What remains to be seen is how the forces between the Roys will be balanced or if the decline of any of the members is definitively consolidated. Of course, it seems that it is not in their plans to stop being one of the most hated families, especially for their dissatisfaction with their own existence, again, despite their wealth.

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