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Sudan’s coup authorities reach an agreement to reinstate Hamdok as prime minister



The military authorities of Sudan are close to reinstating Abdullah Hamdok in charge of Prime Minister, after his cessation as a result of October 25 coup, as a result of an agreement reached during the last hours that also includes the release of political prisoners.

Sources cited by the newspaper ‘Al Sharq’ have pointed to the existence of a political agreement between the Army leader and president of the Sovereign Transitional Council, Abdelfatá al Burhan, and Hamdok himself for the formation of a Government ‘of competences’.

They have also highlighted that the agreement will be signed in the next few hours at the Presidential Palace, something that the Sky News Arabia television network also collects.

For its part, the Radio Dabanga station has highlighted that the agreement contemplates the return of Hamdok to the post and the release of detainees after the coup.

Given this information, the Central Council of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), one of the main elements behind the 2019 protests against the former Sudanese president Omar Hasán al Bashir and integrated into the overthrown transitional government, they have rejected any negotiation with the coup plotters.

“We affirm our clear and previously declared position, which is that there is no negotiation, association or legitimacy for the coup plotters,” he stated in a statement published through his account on the social network Facebook, in which he pointed to the “information in the media ”on the agreement to reinstate Hamdok in office.

«We are not interested in a deal with this brutal board», He said, before asking that its members be tried for their actions. Thus, the FFC have highlighted that they are working with “innovative peaceful methods” to try to overthrow the coup plotters and have announced new mobilizations during the day this Sunday to “put the inevitable stop to the coup.”

Al Burhan himself unveiled last week the composition of the new Transitional Sovereign Council, headed again by himself, and reiterated his commitment to form a new civilian government, after stating that Hamdok is a “favorite” to return to office.

Suppression of protests

The agreement has been reached amid international criticism against the military authorities for the repression of the latest protests against the uprising, which have resulted in at least 40 deaths, according to data published on Saturday by the Sudanese Medical Committee through Facebook.

Sudan was the scene in mid-September of an attempted coup, according to the transition authorities, by a group of Armed Forces officers allegedly linked to Al Bashir, who was overthrown in a coup after months of massive demonstrations against him.

The attempt was followed by an increase in tensions between the civilian and military elements of the transitional authorities, on the rise in recent months, which finally led to the coup led by Al Burhan, who later defended that it was a movement of “correction” before the errors of some political parties, among them groups represented in the FFC.

The transitional authorities were established after an agreement between the previous military junta, which emerged after the 2019 coup, and various civil organizations and opposition political formations. This government had initiated a battery of social and economic reforms and has reached a peace agreement with important rebel groups in Darfur and other areas of the country.

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