Monday, July 26

Suicide bomb kills at least 35 in Baghdad market



At least 35 people died and 57 were injured in an attack perpetrated on Monday in the Al Wahailat market in the mainly Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City, and Baghdad, according to the latest balance collected by the Iraqi news agency Shafaq News. The explosion of an artifact took place on the eve of the Muslim feast of the Sacrifice.

In a message posted hours after the attack on his Telegram channel, Daesh assured that one of its kamikazes, Abu Hamza Al Iraqi, activated his explosives belt, leaving 35 dead and 57 wounded. Human remains littered the ground amid destroyed stalls and blood was visible everywhere, an AFP photographer noted. The videos published on social networks show scenes of panic in the market, where several people made their purchases for this celebration.

The Iraqi President, Barham Saleh, denounced on Twitter: “A heinous crime and unprecedented cruelty.” “They attack our civilians in Sadr City on the eve of Aid. They do not accept that people are happy for even a moment, “he condemned.

Its about second terrorist attack in the capital Iraqi since January, when 32 people were killed in the attack by two suicide bombers in a market, which was also claimed by Daesh. In May, four attacks not claimed but attributed to the terrorist group targeted Iraqi military personnel in cities near the capital, killing 18 people.

Daesh, which controlled important parts of Iraqi territory between 2014 and 2017, was defeated by Iraqi troops supported by an international anti-jihadist coalition led by the United States. However, cells of this organization are still present in the country, particularly in mountainous and desert areas, and claim specific attacks. Some 3,500 foreign soldiers remain stationed in Iraq, 2,500 of whom are Americans. Sadr City is the stronghold of supporters of the Shiite leader Muqtada al Sadr, whose influence is often decisive in national politics.

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