Friday, September 29

Sumar reaches its first agreement for the generals with the Drago Project of Alberto Rodríguez

Sumar has already reached its first agreement for the coalition that it intends to articulate for the general elections. He has done it with Proyecto Drago, the party that the former number three of Podemos founded after leaving the party two years ago, to focus his political activity on the Canary Islands. As announced by the formation itself through a press release, the agreement was reached this afternoon.

Alberto Rodríguez presents the Drago project, the political tool with which he plans to run in the elections


“It is time to look to the future, have the will to add, to integrate. We went out to win, on 23J we can have an institutional policy that is more like our people”, writes the party in a statement indicating that the agreement has already been endorsed by its confederal assembly. The pact includes the two constituencies of the Canary Islands, although the party does not provide details at the moment on whether Rodríguez will be the one who heads the Sumar lists in one of these two candidacies.

“The agreement has been carried out from the best of wills and maintaining discretion on the ongoing negotiations; the agreement respects the canarian obedience in decision-making; the agreement has been carried out with deadlines and content, and we firmly believe that it places the Canary Islands in a framework of mutual respect with other territories and transformative forces of the whole of the State; The agreement has been endorsed by the majority of the Drago Canarias confederal assembly”, they point out.