Wednesday, July 6

‘Sumar’, the process of listening to Yolanda Díaz, seeks “a new democratic contract” with the citizenry

‘Sumar’, the platform with which the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, will carry out the “listening process” with which she intends to outline her candidacy for the next general elections, has already been officially registered as an association in the Ministry of the Interior, according to They have confirmed from the environment of the also Minister of Labor. Everything is ready and “enabled”, they point out, so that the initiative starts to work as soon as the Andalusian elections take place on June 19.

Podemos tries to gain weight in the project of Yolanda Díaz, the great absentee of the Spring Festival

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Along with the name, brand and logo -which is provisional-, the vice president’s team has also registered its statutes, which set out the goals and activities of the platform that will seek a “new democratic contract” with citizens and that intends to “think together that country project that renews hope” of the Spanish. Her team insists that ‘Add’ is not the definitive electoral brand. And in that the hypothetical candidacy of Díaz would come out of the process that is now opening and will be a consequence of it.

The document that appears in Interior, to which has had access, establishes that the association has among its purposes “to promote democratic commitment and the participation of citizens in public life”, as well as “to encourage and strengthen citizen participation and civil society to improve democratic quality and human development”. In addition to “contributing to the development of critical thinking”, ‘Sumar’ aims to “encourage study, research, reflection and debate on the main social, economic and political problems”.

One of the main objectives of the association is also “to seek the link with social movements, citizens and other entities of civil society.” Likewise, it tries to “contribute to the consolidation of networks for the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of democratic participation”.

To fulfill all these purposes, the association of Yolanda Díaz, as stated in the statutes, will organize “meetings, meetings, colloquiums, congresses and any other type of public events”, in addition to promoting “spaces for debate, collaboration or cooperation” with the citizenship. Nor is it ruled out that ‘Sumar’ prepares and publishes “studies, investigations, diagnoses and dissemination materials”, or “promotes awareness campaigns related to the purposes of the association”.

No guardianship or party conditions

Díaz has already made it clear that, in his listening process, he does not want tutelage or conditions from the different parties in the confederal space, among which are Podemos, IU or En Comú Podem. In recent weeks, this approach has generated some misgivings, especially in the direction of Podemos, which regrets that there are communication problems with the second vice president, whom they continue to consider the “best candidate” for the next general elections but whom they reproach for not inform them of the steps of your initiative.

In this context, last weekend, at the central rally of the Spring Festival that Podemos held in Valencia, the Minister of Social Rights and leader of the party, Ione Belarra, wanted to make her intentions clear regarding Díaz’s initiative . “We need the strongest Podemos, leading the broadest candidacies, always backed by primaries. For our part, there will be no lack of commitment to unity or generosity, but we also have to know that Podemos is essential to continue expanding the transformations that we have been applying for some time. We can make a difference,” she warned Díaz, without mentioning his name.

Belarra tries to make it clear that although the party accepts the leadership of the vice president, Podemos wants to be heard to configure the candidacy and not “ignored”, as they say has happened according to what different party leaders privately denounced. Díaz is accused of making political and organizational decisions inside and outside the Government – ​​the vice president is the coordinator of United We Can in the Council of Ministers – without even consulting them. The last one was precisely the choice of the name for the listening process, ‘Sumar’, which was reported to other parties in the confederal space, such as IU, but not to the Podemos leadership.

Always trying to stay on the sidelines of any internal brawl, Díaz’s idea is to unite in a joint candidacy everything that is to the left of the PSOE, although the vice president wants her project to be even more transversal with the aim of achieving broad support. citizen in the event that it finally materializes in a political platform that attends the general elections. In her answers, the second vice president has been repeating for months that the important thing is not the parties or the lists or the candidacy, that she still does not want to take it for granted.

Confronting citizen discredit towards politics

As a preliminary step, it will try to start a citizen conversation and promote a new country project by touring Spain and meeting with unions, professional associations, associations or any type of initiative that has emerged from civil society. Díaz is aware that all the polls indicate that the distance between politics and society is increasing and that, in general, people reject hatred and continuous political disagreement.

The “listening process” is conceived as a form of meeting, a dialogue with citizens where they can “talk, listen, understand and build together”, as they explain from their environment. It is an innovative process, hardly unprecedented in Spain, which tries to explore new forms of democratic participation.