Wednesday, July 6

‘Sumar’: Yolanda Díaz registers the name of her project to reach the generals

‘Add’. That will be the name of the platform of the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, in a first step on her way to leading a project with which to present herself in the next general elections: the “listening process”. Members of her circle of trust have launched the registration with the Ministry of the Interior of that denomination, according to has advanced The Newspaper of Spain and has been able to confirm

The “listening” of Yolanda Díaz includes acts with unions, associations and professional associations throughout the country

Know more

This newspaper has been able to learn that the name is not yet formalized in the registry, although the request for registration has already been made. In addition, the sources consulted indicate that, for the moment, it will not be a party or exactly a platform, although work is being done on a first legal instrument that facilitates the adhesion of everything to the left of the PSOE, in a project that Díaz wants even more transversal.

This first step of the initiative will consist of the “listening process”, which will be carried out through the aforementioned ‘Sumar’ platform, which will begin in the coming weeks, after the elections in Andalusia, and will last for approximately six months and the now vice president wants to confirm her decision to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Government before the end of the year.

Díaz has already made it clear that he does not want tutelage or conditions from the different parties of the confederal space, among which are Podemos, IU or En Comú Podem, when configuring his political project. “Political parties, like unions, have to criticize themselves. They continue to treat citizens as if they were minors. They have to do self-criticism not only because of the affiliation rates, they have intense levels of improvement. They have to modernize, respond to the challenges of the 21st century. Good politics is not partisanship, it is improving people’s lives, ”he assured, last week.

Meetings with society

The objective of his “listening” initiative that will begin on June 19 is to outline a “country project” that can bring together the greatest possible number of sensitivities for its subsequent transformation into a political initiative with government options. This “listening” will include “open” events, accessible to all citizens, which will consist of meetings with representatives of different labor sectors, professional associations, associations or unions.

It is a question, sources close to Díaz insist, of collecting his demands and concerns, his priorities and interests, to subsequently turn them into a political program that can materialize from the institutions.

His idea is to “listen more than talk” in the different thematic or sectoral events that can gradually shape that idea of ​​a country that can unify all the sensitivities that are to the left of socialism, but that also broadens the bases of that electorate with greater transversality that can achieve broader social support. Díaz plans to travel throughout the country for his conception of a “decentralized” and “diverse” State with the recognition of the different territorial, cultural and linguistic realities.

The idea is that this “listening” process that his team always said would start before the summer is “open” and in which “many people” can participate. Díaz wants the confederal parties –Unidas Podemos, En Comú Podem or Galicia En Común– to also participate in this initiative, although from his team they emphasize that the leading role will fall more on civil society than on those formations or on the role they may have. the Minister of Labor herself or in her hypothetical future leadership.