Monday, May 29

Summary of what happened this crypto week!

We know that the crypto world does not rest. We present you, a brief review of what were the most outstanding news of the crypto week, so you do not miss any details.

They are presented in summary form. In this way, readers stay abreast of the most relevant events of the crypto week. Among the most outstanding news in this space, these headlines stand out:

  1. Adidas and Prada invite you to participate in the creation and sale of their next NFT.
  2. El Salvador bought more Bitcoin.
  3. Neymar jumps on the NFT bandwagon.
  4. A Multichain hacker returns 322 ETH and keeps a hefty commission as a reward.
  5. Bulgaria explores crypto payments.

The most relevant news of the crypto week

Adidas and Prada invite you to participate in the creation and sale of their next non-fungible token

At first glance, Adidas is still dabbling in NFTs and the Metaverse. This time, in collaboration with the fashion brand Prada, it has decided to launch a unique NFT, made up of 3,000 NFTs to be created by the community. Where the artist Zach Lierberman will be in charge of creating the final work.

Basically, the draft which is called Adidas Prada Re-Source, was launched through the Adidas web portal. Participants will be able to choose to enter the 3,000 NFT list, which will open from Monday, January 24, and will be available for 24 hours only.

El Salvador bought more Bitcoin

Then, this Friday the 21st, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced via Twitter that the country had bought a total of 410 more Bitcoins, worth approximately $15 million. Which adds up to a total of 1,801 BTC purchased since September of last year by the Salvadoran government.

Indeed, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly authorized the Government more than $200 million to promote the adoption of Bitcoin, which has become one of the main economic bets of the Bukele government.

Neymar jumps on the NFT bandwagon

Additionally, according to information from Exame magazine, the star of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the Brazilian team, Neymar Jr., one of the collectibles acquired by the player, the BAYC 6633, is the 91st rarest of all specimens.

According to OpenSea information raised by the magazine, Neymar purchased the collectibles using a custom “Ethereum Name Service” wallet. In addition, the star baptized her as “EneJay” in reference to the initials of her name.

A Multichain hacker returns 322 ETH and keeps a large commission as a reward

In particular, one of this week’s Multichain hackers has Returned 322 ETH to the cross-chain routing protocol. And one of the affected users. However, the hacker kept 62 ETH as a “bug bounty”.

In a nutshell, the funds were returned in four transactions. On January 20, the hacker returned 269 ETH in two transactions directly to the user he had stolen it from, keeping a 50 ETH reward for himself.

The user, relieved, replied: «Well received, thanks for your honesty».

Overnight, the hacker also returned 50 ETH in two transactions to the official Multichain address, keeping a 12 ETH “bug bounty” for himself.

Bulgaria explores crypto payments

Aside from this, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for European Union Funds and Bulgarian Finance Minister Assen Vassilev told Bloomberg in an interview in the Bulgarian capital Sofia that the government is exploring options for payment with cryptocurrencies in the short and medium term.

In particular, Assen Vassilev stated that talks are being held with the crypto industry players, as well as with the Bulgarian National Bank. However, it closed the possibility of Bulgaria becoming a cryptocurrency mining hub.

Very importantly, Assen Vassilev made it clear that the priority in the financial sphere of Bulgaria is not the use of cryptocurrencies. If not the monetary transition from the lev (national currency of Bulgaria) to the euro (currency of the European Union).

From then on, so you don’t miss any details about what happened this crypto week, expand on these and other crypto news, through our main page. For example:

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I say goodbye with this quote from Tyler Winklevoss: «To disappear Bitcoin you have to turn off the Internet».