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Sunday brunch: 14 restaurants where you can enjoy it in Spain

brunch comes etymologically from breakfast (break the fast) and lunch (food)so the conjunction would be our lunch, the mid-morning meal, when you only have a coffee or tea for breakfast and, at around 11:30-12, you start to feel hungry and you would eat a sandwich like any of these.

But the North American version that many establishments have adopted (mostly for weekends) goes far beyond a sandwich and adds more varied foods so that it ends up being a complete and nutritious mealthat covers all the needs you may have to start a Saturday or Sunday with energy and joy.

Of course, if the night before has been long and you wake up not wanting to cook, with these brunch you ensure that you will be rebalanced and you will not be left hungry for the rest of the day. closest thing to breakfast buffet from a hotel, come on.

In fact, there are already quite a few hotels like the I Barcelona who spread their breakfasts brunch until well into the morning, to the point of being able to connect with the vermouth, and they welcome anyone who is not staying. We selected several for different cities in Spain and we will appreciate your recommendations in comments.

In Barcelonain addition to the aforementioned I Barcelonawe stayed with two that have a menu brunch daily. The Milk Bar & Bistrowhose Irish owners were the pioneers in proposing the brunch classic New Yorker to satisfy all the tourists of the Gothic, with its crepes, eggs Benedict, burgers and even cocktails. And the Caravelleformer Bodega Fortuny del Raval, a walk through different types of international brunch with Nømad Coffee and its own beer.

In Madridfor the most traditional, Joselito´s premises They offer an Iberian brunch that begins with an explosive melon starter with Joselito Iberian ham, followed by a peas and ham sandwich, a chorizo ​​cappuccino and a polenta croquette with lardo purée (pork fat with spices) and onion with vinegar.

Finish with some eggs with Joselito in cocotte, some artichokes with quail eggs and ham and an Iberian pork tenderloin; all of them works by geniuses of world gastronomy such as Max Alajmo and Ferran Adrià.

And for the most rogues, just the opposite, the Lol Drag Saturdays by Lola09where it is not that they are going to give you food and drink, it is that it is more useful to continue with the party than to recover, because it is enlivened with bingo and a show with the drags and with a DJ that attaches to brunch super fun themes Moby-Dick Group.

In Malaga, Julia’s Bakery is a 3G bakery, pastry shop and coffee shop specializing in brunchso you can freely mix their artisan sourdough breads, their cakes, smoothies and cupcakes and their savory dishes, such as sweet potato falafel or salmon burgers, in the healthiest way.

coffee with books is another special bet because it combines a terrace with views of the Plaza de la Merced and books or magazines to browse while you pocket a brunch where there is no lack of eggs or their accompaniment with an alcoholic and hooligan touch, its classic sweet and savory crepes and the variety of 100% homemade and unique cakes and biscuits.

In Bilbao, sua sanopposite the Guggenheim Museum, gives you a choice between brunch savory, such as Benedictine eggs with marinated salmon, spinach and turkey, plus Iberian shoulder; or eggs on bagel with guacamole and natural tomato; braised chicken, brie cheese and caramelized onion and crispy bacon. And sweets carry sins like cheesecakes and caramel, brownies and muffinscrepes, biscuits, etc.

But surely you want to see the footballer Ibai Gómez and Chef Bosquet cooking for you in the Naked&Satedfamous for his real foodwith a generous letter from brunch where everything will be the most natural, healthy and without sugars that do not contain the ingredients per se.

in the Balearic Islands, Clear Majorca offers a special brunch menu with coffees, ginger shoots and revitalizing juices, toast, eggs with everything you can think of, focaccias, croissants, crepes for the weekends, and wines and beers to level things up.

In ibiza, Pomona Ibiza joins the healthy fashion of gastronomy but without neglecting carnivores, with its black pork pastramis, country chicken shawarmas, but with healthy sweet flavors such as buckwheat crepes, organic red fruits, coconut yogurt , caramelized nuts and raw honey.

In Valencia, Baalbecwith its Mediterranean cuisine that covers from Athens to Cairo, passing through Istanbul and Jerusalem, offers a brunch menu with eggs to choose from, toast with jam or tomato, yogurt with homemade granola or fruit, milkshake/juice and coffee or tea, all on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

And in Mom’s Little Bakery You could well spend every morning of your life there letting yourself be pampered and eating their toasts with salmon or ham, or their sandwiches, their yogurts with cereals, their homemade pastries, their cakes and their freshly made juices.

in Aragonthe brunch from The Clandestine Cafein Zaragoza, from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., they even take it home and includes gourmet infusion, natural juice orangepowernatural yogurt with caramelized oatmeal, natural fruit mix, assorted breads, tub of butter, cream cheese and artisan jam, pink tomato tub, eggs to choose between two styles, Daiki Cocktail and dessert.

in Huesca, Frida’s Cereal Coffee is specialized in forceful combos during the week until 12:30 and on the weekend you can put together a good brunch with their cereals bowls of fruit, sweet and savory toast, waffles and American pancakes, smoothiescroissants, cakes, beers and cocktails.

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