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Super Bowl 2022: Los Angeles Rams and their nomadic club history | Digital Trends Spanish

After defeating the San Francisco 49ers 20-17, the Los Angeles Rams earned their right to play the Super Bowl on February 13 against the Cincinnati Bengals precisely at their home, SoFi Stadium located in Inglewood, California.

This American football team has won two NFL titles, in 1945 and 1951, and won the 1999 Super Bowl.

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The beginning of its history dates back to 1936 when it was founded by Homer Marshman and Damon Wetzel in Cleveland. However, the club returned to the competition in 1946 after World War II ended.

At that time also came the titles and the finals. Years later, the institution was acquired by Carroll Rosembloom, which meant another change of house. Thus, the team ended up moving to St. Louis, Missouri.

The image shows the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL.
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The arrival of Dick Vermeil and Kurt Warner marked the club’s most successful period. With both at the helm, the Rams won their first and only Super Bowl. In 2002, the team played in the XXXVI edition of the Super Bowl, but lost to the New Englands Patriots by three points.

This loss started a bad streak in the team, for which it was necessary to carry out radical changes.

One of these changes was to decree the return to Los Angeles. Thus, in 2016, the Rams played host to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while the venue was being built in Inglewood.

The image shows the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL.
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At the end of the 2017 season, the “Rams” won the Western division of the National Conference (NFC) and returned to the Super Bowl after 17 years.

Thus, the history of the Rams is marked by home changes. In fact, this true nomadic club has played in nine different stadiums.

For the same reason, they now intend to write a new chapter at the SoFi Stadium, which could be their definitive home. The optimism among the rams is not minor.

“You can’t write a better story. I have no words. I’ve had so much fun playing with these guys and wow, we have one more game at home. Let’s do it!” said Matthew Stafford, one of the team’s figures.

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