Monday, September 25

Super Bowser and his great Lego Mario set with more than 2 thousand pieces | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s been a while since Lego has been handing out Mario Bros sets. for fans and has inspired the creative worlds of the Nintendo character. Well, now it was the turn of the villain Super Bowser.

The figure has 2,807 pieces and will be available on October 1st and will have a value of $270 dollars.

His mouth, arms, legs, tail, head and neck are movable, the last two with the push of a button, and when you open his jaws far enough you’ll activate a fireball launcher on his head. It even “jumps” when you pick it up off the ground, like a puppet.

And, like other Lego Super Mario sets, there is some kind of interactive electronic element. “Fans who own a Lego Super Mario starter course can choose to battle Bowser against LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach, allowing for truly immersive, digitally enhanced gameplay,” reads a line from the company’s press release.

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