Friday, September 22

Super Mario 64 becomes a horror game | Digital Trends Spanish

The developer CM9_Animation wanted to give a new look to the classic Super Mario 64 and transformed the plot to turn the game into a kind of horror mod.

What is the adventure about?, according to Nintendo Life «in Another Princess Is In Our Castle, you are “impersonating Mario”, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Apparently you decided to return to Peach’s castle a few years after his death only to discover that something is not right… now he is a ghost! Now you will have to collect the statues of Super Mario 64 to unravel the mystery.

Another Princess Is In Our Castle – A Mario 64 Horror Game Where Peach REALLY Hates Visitors!

To avoid Peach’s ghost, you will have to hide in chests or run away using the stamina wheel.

A disturbing silence, and the footsteps of the plumber accompany him through the hall that had served to distribute the worlds of the legendary video game, while some strategically distributed trunks will serve him to hide from the terrifying entity that Peach has become.

This game is actually a demo that lasts about 15 minutes created by CM9_Animation.

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