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Super Mario Bros., 10 curious facts of the classic of classics | Digital Trends Spanish

Super Mario Bros. It is a classic among the classics. Super Mario Bros. debuted on September 13, 1985. It sold 50 million copies, several of them bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System. That made it the first video game of a generation. Time in a pop culture landmark, one that the most passionate collectors consider worth $ 2 million for a pristine copy. On his thirty-sixth anniversary, we share 36 fun facts about the most famous plumber in history and the game that made him an icon.

1. Super Mario Bros. it was not his debut game

Mario, the plumber who became a legend with Super Mario Bros., had its debut five years ago, in 1981 with Donkey kong. Sure, he wasn’t called Mario there, but Jumpman, but the character is the same.

2. And it was bad

Or at least he treated his pet, the ape Donkey Kong, badly. In retaliation, he kidnapped his girlfriend, Pauline.

3. It was to be “the last cartridge” of the NES

Nintendo’s intention was to migrate from the cartridge format to a floppy disk format, which in Japan was used in conjunction with an attachment called the Famicom Disk System. But since it sold 50 million copies, why change something that people buy?

4. It has been on all Nintendo consoles, except for the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Boy

An image of the Virtual Boy

There is a version of Super Mario Bros., on practically all Nintendo consoles. On the SNES you can play in the collection Mario All Stars, on the GameCube via Animal Crossing, on the Wii and Wii U buying it in the defunct eShop, and in the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and 3DS laptops in reissues and other versions. On the Switch it is part of the collection of the Nintendo Online service.

5. Mario, the genocide

Page 2 of the Super Mario Bros. manual.

It turns out that every time Mario jumps to destroy a block, he is tearing the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom to pieces. That’s what it says the game manual, which says about the history of the game that “the silent and pacifist inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom were turned into stones, bricks and even bushes.”

6. A fanatic named Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski in the number one issue of Nintendo Power

The designer behind the hit Gears of War series is one of the most prominent fans of Super Mario Bros., and also, one of the most skilled. The number one issue of the magazine Nintendo power ranked him the best player, with a score of 9,999,950.

7. The tiny, but majestic 500

500 is the minimum score with which the game can be finished. As contradictory as it sounds, achieving them is extremely complicated, since it requires not defeating any enemy or collecting a single coin and waiting for the clock to reach 0 before passing each level.

8. 4: 54.948

It is the record of time to finish the game under any method and condition. It is achieved by applying a lot of glitches (errors in the game) and with an exhaustive and precise knowledge of the game.

9. Up to 128 lives

The maximum number of lives that can be had in the game is 128. Exceeding that figure, the next time the player loses, they will see a Game Over screen. due to buffer overflow error.

10. The most expensive video game in history.

Punks, X-Men, Declarations, and some news …


… W / the $ 2,000,000 sale of our 1985 Super Mario Bros., marking the HIGHEST PRICE EVER PAID for a video game of any title.

Read more in todays New York Times (cc: @nytimes):

& mdash; Rally (@OnRallyRd) August 6, 2021

On August 6, 2021, collectibles site Rally reported the sale of a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. in impeccable condition at $ 2 million, the highest figure for the sale of a video game.

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