Friday, September 24

Super Mario Bros. graffiti artist arrested with helicopter | Digital Trends Spanish

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An unusual situation occurred in the Greenpoint area of ​​New York City: a graffiti artist climbed a water tower in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to paint a symbol of Super Mario Bros, To which the police responded somewhat disproportionately.

Local reports explain that on the morning of Thursday the 26th, a man intended to paint a yellow square with a question mark in the middle, like the boxes commonly found in Mario games.

But to the local police this did not seem correct and they asked him to come down from the tower; Faced with the artist’s refusal, they deployed a procedure in which they closed the adjacent streets, blocked the park in which this tower is located (“for the safety of the children,” according to passers-by) and even used a drone and a helicopter in order to dissuade the artist.

According to residents of the area, dozens of police officers gathered at the scene, including some in civilian clothes. In total, the entire procedure lasted several hours, which generated many questions from the neighbors due to the deployment of resources for something as harmless as graffiti.

However, the NYPD had another view of the matter and in a subsequent press conference, one of the bosses indicated that the answer had been correct and congratulated the police officers for having resolved the matter without major problems. The graffiti artist was also arrested and it is being investigated if there is more graffiti in the sector that could increase the charges against him.

Perhaps worst of all is that the graffiti would not have been bad at all in the heights and even some neighbors were already thanking the gesture.

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