Thursday, July 29

Super Mario Bros movie is being restored to 4K | Digital Trends Spanish

There is a Super Mario Bros. movie that is being restored at 4K resolution. And it’s not the infamous live-action movie that was released in the 90s, but an animated film made in Japan that dates back to 1986.

The film is named after Super Mario Bros: The Great Rescue of Princess Peach and a youtuber Going by the name Carnivol has spent a good deal of time and resources remastering it and restoring it to a much higher resolution than the original version.

To do this, he is using the original 16-millimeter tape to which he made color and cleaning touch-ups frame by frame, until reaching (and exceeding) the current quality.

However, the video above is just a preview of the work that first began with two copies of the film on VHS, in the 2000s. So far, Carnivol has invested more than $ 20,000 in the work, including the acquisition of the necessary software, tape copy and more.

The final version of the film should look much better than it does now, which in itself is a very important advance considering the way many products of that era look, made to be seen or on movie screens with technology. older or tube televisions, whose clarity was much lower than any modern television.

And what is the movie about? As the name implies, it is an adventure in which Mario and Luigi travel the Mushroom kingdom in search of the princess, who was obviously kidnapped by Bowser and his gang, as always happens in Mario games.

Hopefully, when the project is complete, someone will take pity on those who don’t understand Japanese and add subtitles to it, even if it’s in English.

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