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Super Mario Bros. movie is the best-selling on Amazon | Digital Trends Spanish

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In 1993, a horrible movie was released Super Mario Bros.It has nothing to do with what Nintendo is producing in animated format. But the announcement of the cast of the future film served to boost sales of the 1993 version, which arrived to the first place of the best sellers of Amazon.

Much of this sudden (and surely temporary) success has to do with its price, since the DVD of Super Mario Bros. it has a price of just $ 5 dollars. The Blu-ray version, meanwhile, is somewhat more expensive and reaches $ 31.

However, it is the DVD of the film starring the late Bob Hoskins that has unexpectedly broken the bestseller list, surpassing even productions made to reach such lists as part ninth of Fast & Furious, which is in second and third place in the ranking (Blu-ray and DVD versions).

In case of Super Mario Bros. It is one of those of the type so bad that it becomes good. It happens frequently in movies or video games, although it is certainly difficult to find something good in the film starring the aforementioned Bob Hoskins alongside John Leguizamo as Luigi and Dennis Hopper as Bowser.

Because the film really has nothing to do with the video games on which it is based. Yes Super Mario Bros. has always had a cartoonish and colorful style, the movie with live actors was dark, it presented unintelligible situations and some characters like Yoshi were simply inexplicable.

Yoshi and Princess Peach

Super Mario Bros. is one of the worst video game adaptations to the cinema of all time and that by itself is already an achievement, taking into account that there is also a movie by Street fighter It dates from the same time – the first half of the 90s – and that beyond having actors like Jean-Claude Van Damme or Raul Julia, it ended up being a total nonsense.

A lot of water has run under the bridge since then and therefore, expectations with the animated film that will be released in late 2022 are much higher. But while she does that movie, it may well serve to get hold of the DVD of the Super Mario Bros. 1993.

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