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Superman will be bisexual in new DC comic | Digital Trends Spanish

Just like Robin before, the current Superman from the comic book series Superman: Son of Kal-El will be revealed as bisexual, in a new approach to sexual minorities by DC.

But this Superman is not the Clark Kent of all life, but it is about Jon Kent, son of Clark and Lois Lane. According to the story, Jon is a 17-year-old young man who is already wearing the superhero costume and who establishes a relationship with his friend and journalist, Jay Nakamura.

The writer of Superman: Son of Kal-El, Tom Taylor explained to IGN that for many years he had designed stories about homosexual characters, which eventually ended up being rejected by the company. However, things have already changed enough that these topics are not taboo.

Taylor also reveals that when asked to create a new Superman for this comic series, it was clear to him that “replacing Clark with another straight, white character would be a missed opportunity.”

The idea of ​​Taylor and the creators of this version of Superman is not to repeat the story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, in which the latter was a figure of a damsel in distress. Instead, the plan indicates that Jon Kent and Nakamura will be allies thanks to the latter’s superhuman powers, which will be on display as the series progresses.

Jon Kent is the latest superhero (or a version of the superhero) to be openly gay. The previous one was Tim Drake, the Robin of the series Batman: Urban Legends, also from DC Entertainment. And on the Marvel side, Aaron Fischer, the first gay Captain America, was introduced this year.

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