Monday, December 4

Supermarket sales grew for the fifth consecutive month in October

Regarding the sales channels, he highlighted a year-on-year drop in transactions carried out online, which reflects the greater circulation in the streets after the sanitary restrictions.

Regarding the means of payment, the use of debit cards was the one that increased the most compared to October 2020, although it remained the third most used means, behind cash and credit cards.

Among the most consumed products, the greatest increases were verified in beverages (+ 79% annually at current prices) and in meats (+ 73.2%).

Wholesale supermarkets and shopping malls

Parallel, sales in wholesale supermarkets, measured at constant prices, increased 4% year-on-year during October, which was the seventh increase in a row.

Meanwhile, in large shopping malls, which remained closed for much of last year, sales at constant prices increased 160.8% as a reflection of the process of the normalization of the economy.

The items with the highest increase were: “Food court, food and kiosks”, 446.8%; “Toy store”, 389.9%; “Clothing, footwear and leather goods”, 374.9%; and “Bookstore and stationery”, 315.8%.