Friday, December 3

Supply of agricultural products is assured, says Mida

The national supply of agricultural products for year-end activities is insured, as confirmed by the Vice Minister of Agricultural Development, Carlos Rognoni.

“We should not have any concern about the supply, since we have a good sowing area for the products of greatest consumption for those dates and in the case of onions, affected by the rains, the required imports have been authorized, within the framework of the agri-food chain of this item ” Rognoni assured.

Said The pork and poultry pieces that will be distributed in the Christmas solidarity bag will be purchased in their entirety from Panamanian producers, also benefiting the industry that is responsible for the process of these meat products.

Added that everything is ready and enough product to arrive, with the solidarity bag, to families living in areas of high vulnerability, affected by this difficult pandemic situation that our country is experiencing with COVID 19.

He reported that the Christmas trees, precedents of Canada, have already passed the regulation of the National Directorate of Quarantine, to guarantee the safeguarding of our phytosanitary heritage, so they will soon be on the market.

The declarations of the Vice Minister of Agricultural Development, Carlos Rognoni, while participating in a field day organized by IDIAP at its experimental center in Cerro Punta, Tierras Altas.

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