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Support from the social and economic world to the Cuban people and the ABC correspondent




Several Spanish personalities have wanted to show their support for the Cuban people in the face of the serious crisis that is taking place on the island. In all the speeches the word ‘freedom’ appears, a right that they claim for all Cuban citizens and for the ABC correspondent, now detained, Camila Acosta.

Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE

Antonio Garamendi, CEOE president, has shown his solidarity with the ABC correspondent and has asked for her immediate release: «We stand in solidarity with Camila Costa, the ABC correspondent held in the country and ask for her prompt release. How could it be otherwise, we reaffirm ourselves in the defense of democracy and people’s freedom ”.

Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA

Lorenzo Love, President of ATA, has condemned the repression that the Cuban authorities are exercising against freedom of expression: “My solidarity and support for Cuban citizens who demonstrate freely and the rejection of the repression that the country’s authorities are carrying out against freedom of expression and demonstration. The ABC correspondent must be released immediately, as well as the rest of the detained journalists.

Javier Senent, president of the Red Cross

The president of the Red Cross, Javier Senent, has requested respect for fundamental rights on behalf of the organization: «From humanity and impartiality, two of the fundamental principles that govern the activity of Red CrossWe ask for the respect of the fundamental rights of any person in any circumstance, trusting in the prompt resolution of this situation.

JC Gómez Villamandos, RAW

José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, president of CRUE-Spanish Universities and rector of the University of Córdoba, also wanted to convey a few words about the extraordinary situation that Cuba is experiencing. «From CRUE-Spanish Universities we defend the right to information and freedom of expression as a key to the progress of society. Thanks to the role of journalists in their exercise. Citizens can make judicious decisions and their political representatives must be aware of their expectations. Respect for different public opinions expressed through the media is essential and there is no other way. That is why we ask for the release of the ABC correspondent in Cuba.

R. Rivero, rector of the University of Salamanca

Ricardo Rivero, rector of the University of Salamanca, has called for freedom for all Cubans and has highlighted the need for the release of the ABC correspondent: “Camila Acosta’s freedom is necessary. So is the freedom of each person in Cuba. There they must have the right to express yourself freely to promote system change. The Cuban regime does not allow the full development of the human being, by limiting their capacities. Democracy does allow multiple vital options, including public debate and discussion of plural alternatives of government. The arrest of a journalist deserves a conviction forever”.

F. S Costa, president of Societat Civil Catalana

Fernando Sanchez Costa, president of the Catalan Civil Society, has also expressed his solidarity with Cuba: «As president of the Catalan Civil Society, I want to express my solidarity with the Cuban people in their fight for freedom in the face of the Castro dictatorship. There is no equidistance between human rights and authoritarian imposition.

“All the democrats of the world must be on the side of this drive for freedom. For a long time the fall of the Iron Curtain seemed a chimera. Also today the collapse of the dictatorship seems unlikely. But with these gestures of democratic dignity, Cuban civil society cracks the walls of the regime, and those cracks will end up bearing fruit in its collapse.

R. Arenas, Professor of International Law

Rafael Arenas, professor of Private International Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and second vice president of Impulso Ciudadano has stressed that freedom is the most important thing in any democracy: “Freedom of opinion, freedom of expression. This is the essential core of democracy. The freedoms that are at the base of any society in which the dignity of the person is respected. Every fight for democracy begins with freedom of expression. If the flame of freedom of opinion is extinguished, there will no longer be the possibility of recovering what was lost ».

«For these freedoms, the freedom of the press is essential. Without it there can be no founded opinion. Journalists are often the match that lights the fire of democracy. Immediate clarification of the situation of Camila Costa in Cuba. Journalists must be protected in the exercise of their work; and its sources and materials, respected. A hug in these difficult moments to all my Cuban friends ».

Miriam Tey, editor

The Spanish editor, writer and political activist, Miriam Tey, has sent all her support to Acosta, also declaring that “the arrest of Camila Acosta is the result of visceral hatred that the dictatorship of Havana has to the free press. We are deeply concerned for her, we trust that she will soon be released.

«This is what he tells me Sayde Chaling-Chong, president of the European Ibero-American Alliance against communism, in addition to warning us against that Spanish left that shamelessly confesses that its role model is the Cuban regime. The arrest of this journalist is a statement that shows once again that Cuba is a dictatorship. All my support for Camila and ¡Viva Cuba libre! ».

Professional Association of Valencian Journalists

The president of the Professional Association of Valencian Journalists, Hector Gonzalez, has defended that “the arrest of Camila Acosta, ABC correspondent in Cuba, it not only constitutes an attack on the exercise of journalism, but it goes further by becoming an attack against democracy itself. If we habitually link journalistic work and its unrestricted development with a strengthened democracy, in the case of Cuba the opposite has happened ”.

“Arrest a journalist for recording images of protests (something that is part of her job), search her home, take away her computers and change the charges of which you are accused without further foundation nor does it prove that the fact that what I say does not appeal to the Cuban leaders is something despicable and, of course, totally reprehensible ».

Carlos Moro, president of Matarromera

Carlos Moro, winemaker and president of the Matarromera group, feels “deeply the news and images that come to us from that brother country and so beloved as Cuba is. There I have traveled and enjoyed its land and its people and presented our wines and enjoyed sharing them ».

«Cuba, in addition to being a sister country and a good commercial client, is a wonderful people, each day more committed to its evolution and its future, in addition to appreciate wine culture, and be this a meeting point and relationship.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic is now being joined by undesirable situations at the social and personal level, which we want to improve immediately, at least in the future. respect for citizens and their freedom and in the understanding of the peoples towards a society that is better, more just and democratic every day. All the acts contrary to these principles are reprehensible and must be concluded immediately, and return to the path of freedom and democracy, and respect for people.

Jorge Azcón, mayor of Zaragoza

The mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, wanted to show his support for the Cuban people, also defending freedom of the press, and has request to the Government to intervene before the arrest of the ABC correspondent, Camila Acosta.

«The dictatorship that oppresses the Cuban people is dying. Sixty-two years of dictatorship mean that we not only have to talk about freedom and democracy, but now, with the arrest of Camila Acosta, we have to talk about freedom of the press, we have to defend freedom of the press, since she is telling us the drama suffered by the Cuban people. Therefore, from the Zaragoza City Council I want to join my voice to defend freedom of the press and the necessary intervention of the Government of Spain to defend the ABC correspondent. All the support from Zaragoza and much encouragement to the Cuban people.

Paco Núñez, Castilla-La Mancha

The president of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, also wanted to denounce the serious situation that is being experienced on the island. «From Castilla-La Mancha and as president of the PP in the region, I want to show my resounding rejection of the arrest of ABC correspondent, Camila Acosta. The contempt for freedom carried out by the Cuban dictatorship is intolerable, wanting to silence everyone who shows the true face of a repressive regime and liberticide that is being overwhelmed by the demands of a people who cry out for their freedom and the right to build their future in freedom.

“We demand his immediate release and we show our willingness to do whatever is necessary to make it effective immediately,” he concluded.

Carmen Picazo, deputy of Castilla-La Mancha

Carmen Picazo, regional deputy and spokesman for the parliamentary group of Citizens in the Courts of Castilla-La Mancha, as well as a member of the National Executive of Citizens, has sentenced the events and has expressed concern about the attitude of the Government.

“The Cuban people have taken to the streets demanding freedom after too many decades of communist repression. The vast majority of Spaniards, beyond our ideologies, are for democracy and freedom. And how Democrat I am very concerned about the attitude of the Government of Spain, which does not consider that the Cuban regime is a dictatorship. It must be said loud and clear. It is a dictatorship that represses citizens and imprisons journalists for reporting. Like Camila Acosta, which must be released as soon as possible.

“It seems that the Sánchez government is more concerned with dead dictators than with living ones. Democrats must condemn all dictatorships, those of the left and those of the right. And always be on the side of freedom and human rights. From Ciudadanos we are carrying out initiatives at the national level and also from Brussels to do what the Government of Spain should be doing, which is lead the European response against the dictatorship Castro and in favor of that majority of the Cuban people who have taken to the streets asking for freedom. Because we, unlike the government, yes we are clear on which side we are. On the side of freedom, democracy and human rights and against all dictatorships whatever their sign, “he concluded.

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