Friday, February 3

SURVEY | Do you think there will be a war in Ukraine? Should Spain participate?

Tensions around Ukraine continue to grow. This Tuesday, some media pointed out that the US values ​​sending soldiers to Eastern Europe, while NATO has reinforced its eastern flank. Russia insists that Ukraine must abide by the Minsk agreements to curb the conflict in Donbas, which include granting special status to entities created by pro-Russian separatists. Russia has already stationed more than 100,000 soldiers along Ukraine’s borders. Meanwhile, the Kiev government is opposed to fulfilling this commitment if the Russian military does not withdraw from that territory first and Ukraine does not regain control of the border with Russia.

Russia, Ukraine and NATO: the keys to the tension on the border

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Spain, for its part, has already mobilized two ships and has offered fighters to NATO in full escalation with Russia over Ukraine, while United We Can has criticized the sending of troops. The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has replied that “Spain cannot be profiled” while defending a diplomatic line that contributes to the de-escalation. Do you think war will finally break out in Ukraine? In case there is a war, should Spain participate? Vote in our polls by moving the speedometer.