Thursday, October 28

SURVEY | How much should the minimum wage rise?

The minimum wage will finally rise 15 euros per month from this month of September to 965 euros per month. The rise goes ahead with the employers’ association against and after the tensions in the coalition government for the increase.

Pepe Álvarez reveals that the bosses raised a lower minimum wage for young people

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The rise in the SMI is within the range recommended by the experts consulted by the Government, between 12 and 19 euros. Vice-president Nadia Calviño defended that it should be placed at 12 euros, while the unions considered this range insufficient and demanded a rise of between 25 and 30 euros. The bosses had been planted in the ‘no’ to the rise for this year. 15 euros was the figure in which the Ministry of Labor stood in recent days.

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