Wednesday, August 4

Susana Díaz agrees to join as senator and clears the way to Espadas

The secretary general of the PSOE of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, has accepted her appointment as senator within the autonomous community quota that will take place in the last parliamentary plenary session of July. This has been communicated to the socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Espadas, who is now also attending the primary process for the General Secretariat of the PSOE of Andalusia.

Susana Díaz’s next political destination is the Senate

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The announcement came one day after the Andalusian PSOE Steering Committee held in Seville. It was hoped that this meeting of the socialist family would also be the opportunity to give a “dignified exit to a secretary general who has not lost an election”, as they have highlighted from her circle. However, the former president of the Board has waited 24 hours to confirm his departure. “I will be where my colleagues say,” he said. And it will be the Senate, as was already said on the same day that it lost the party’s primaries in the autonomous community.

Díaz will be representative by autonomous designation of Andalusia in the Upper House, for which she will attend the parliamentary plenary session that will be held on July 21 and 22, on whose agenda she will be formally elected senator. The socialist plans to join the Upper House in September.

It supposes the end of the relief in the Andalusian PSOE and the definitive accolade for Juan Espadas who, if no candidate is presented for the primaries for the general secretariat of the PSOE-A, on July 23 the mayor of Seville would be proclaimed leader of the Andalusian Socialists.

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