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Susana Díaz gives up the witness of the PSOE of Andalusia without clarifying her future

The general secretary of the PSOE-A, Susana Díaz, has left her position at the head of the Andalusian federation in the Steering Committee that was held this Monday in Seville. It was hoped that this meeting of the socialist family would also be the opportunity to give a “dignified exit to a secretary general who has not lost an election”, as they have highlighted from her circle. However, the former president of the Board has left her future up in the air. Again. “I will be where my colleagues say,” he said.

The PSOE of Andalusia accelerates the deadlines to proclaim Juan Espadas secretary general in July and close the era of Susana Díaz

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On the table he has a position with “special responsibilities” in the Senate that has been offered him by the new leader of the Andalusian Socialists and candidate for the Junta, Juan Espadas. This proposal is part of a plan for the renewal of the three senators by regional appointment that has been initiated by the new leadership of the socialist parliamentary group. But Díaz has not clarified in his speech the path he will take.

The outgoing secretary general, who has held the post for the last 8 years, has called for “unity, which cannot be confused with uniformity.” He has demanded a “diverse” party that after the primaries should watch “without flags and without ‘isms'” for the PSOE-A. “Only with one, socialism.” The former president is thanking everyone. From the workers of San Vicente (regional headquarters) to the comrades of the Regional Committee passing through the militancy. On the verge of getting excited, Díaz stressed: “I will not have time to return everything they have given me.”

New primaries

The Steering Committee of the PSOE-A, the highest body between congresses and in charge of “supervising and coordinating the organizational mechanisms”, unanimously launched the primaries process for the general secretariat of the Andalusian federation on Monday. No surprises and following the roadmap that Susana Díaz and Juan Espadas had marked.

The advance, which was approved by the Federal Committee in Madrid on July 3, begins this Tuesday, July 13 with the presentation of pre-candidacies. From the 14th to the 23rd of this month, the period for the collection and presentation of guarantees has been set.

The appointment of Espadas as secretary general of the PSOE-A is already facing its final stretch. The Socialist candidate for the Junta is expected to be appointed by acclamation on July 23, since it is presumed that he has no rival. If another alternative is presented, the primaries would end on September 5 with the votes of the militancy. Sources close to Espadas hope that “everything will be resolved before the new political course.” The third candidate in the primaries for the presidency of the Board, the deputy and university professor, Luis Ángel Hierro, already confirmed that from his project, ‘Andalucía Socialista’, they would not present themselves to the general secretariat. “The militancy has already decided the leadership of the PSOE-A”.

The call for primaries to the general secretary of the PSOE-A is another step to make right – “de jure“- a leadership that has been”de facto“Since the victory of the mayor of Seville in the primaries of June 13. That same night, Díaz already announced that he would not run for re-election. Then came the days of cabal, Ferraz’s maneuvers to solve an uncomfortable bicephaly and Espadas’ revelation that it was he himself who asked Díaz not to resign. They were seeking to set a “no interference” schedule for the transition of power in the PSOE-A that they revealed at the end of June. This new process Organic has endorsed the negotiations between the two and has been “the best formula” to prevent a manager from taking control of the Andalusian federation.

In addition, the Steering Committee has given yet another date for the staging of the new leadership of Swords: the 14th regional congress will be held on November 6 and 7. The mayor of Seville has already obtained the green light from the Federal Committee, thanks to a change in the regulations, to appoint his own organizing committee.

Folder to the primaries

“Now is your time.” This is how Susana Díaz ended her speech before Juan Espadas took the lectern. The new leader of the Andalusian Socialists has focused all his speech on the “unity” of the PSOE of Andalusia. He has appealed to self-criticism to “find out what went wrong [en las últimas elecciones], which is what is needed and what we must propose. “For this reason, he has called on the provincial directives to” work hand in hand “to return to the Government of Andalusia.

Espadas needs to get your project rolling. “We are beginning a new stage,” said the new socialist leader, who ruled out “more processes or more deadlines.” The socialist candidate for the Junta wants to recover the “illusion”, the “connection” with the citizens and to be able to “win the trust of the Andalusians.”

His appearance has been marked by the search for the consolidation of a “real union” to “be stronger.” “The most important thing is that this project is transferred to all the militancy,” he has asked to close the primary process “definitively”.

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