Tuesday, December 7

Susana Díaz: “I left a PSOE-A in good shape and now I come to help to govern again”

The senator of the PSOE and former president of the Junta de Andalucía Susana Díaz has attended this Sunday as a guest at the 14th regional congress of the PSOE-A in Torremolinos (Malaga) with the will to “help in whatever way it can contribute” so that the party achieves “win the next regional elections and govern in Andalusia” and has defended that by handing over the leadership to Juan Espadas after his victory in the primaries “we deliver a party in good shape.”

This is how Susana Díaz has spoken in statements to journalists upon her arrival at the socialist conclave, in which she has downplayed the fact that the outgoing leadership that she headed has not been able to defend a management report in Congress or that there were no references You express your time at the head of the party and the Andalusian Government during the opening session.

“It is not my job to direct Andalusian politics, I am very respectful, Juan Espadas is the general secretary and the one who knows how to bring this ship to fruition, which is to win the next elections and govern. That is the goal and for that is why we all come to help this congress “, has assured the former secretary general of the PSOE-A, who has invited the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno to” ask “when the next regional elections will be because” he is the one with the button to say when the legislature runs out. ”

“We have to be prepared, for that we all come to help this congress, to be in perfect magazine condition and when the time comes to win the elections in Andalusia again and can return to govern in our community,” he stressed before guarantee that she “will always be there to help the party” and has been convinced that “everyone comes to this Congress with the strength, the desire and the illusion to contribute, to collaborate to win the elections again and also to return to govern in Andalusia, which is what it is about and the ultimate meaning of this Congress “.

Asked if she would have liked to defend a management report at this congress, Díaz wanted to downplay the fact that that point had not been included on the agenda. “That does not matter to me, for me it really does not matter,” he assured before clarifying that he attended the closing session this Sunday because he agreed with Espadas in a conversation last Thursday. “Whatever is asked of me I will be there and I will always collaborate with humility, but above all with the socialism that I carry inside and that runs through my veins,” he insisted.

In any case, she recalled that she already had the opportunity in the Steering Committee, the highest body between congresses, to present the balance of her stage as secretary general and has defended that “we deliver a party that has won the elections but that we have not been able to govern by the alliance of the PP and Cs with the extreme right, which is the majority in Parliament with 33 deputies, and also with six councils and the majority of municipalities in Andalusia “.

“We deliver a game that I think is in good shape and that we are going to reinforce together, collaborating and helping. I am sure that Juan Espadas will use all the talent of the party, the dedication and the socialist heart that we have”, He insisted before refusing to comment on the absence of express references to his time at the head of the party and the Andalusian Government during the opening session because “he was not there” and he does not “like” to make “hearsay” evaluations.