Thursday, December 7

Susana Díaz signs the petition for pardon to Griñán for the ERE: “There are plenty of arguments”

The senator of the PSOE and former president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has signed the petition for pardon for her counterpart José Antonio Griñán, promoted by her family, after the Supreme Court confirmed the conviction of the Provincial Court of Seville for embezzlement and prevarication.

Díaz has maintained that “Pepe is an honest, honorable man, there are plenty of arguments to justify the pardon”, while he has recalled that the magistrate of the Supreme Court, Alberto Jorge Barreiro, “did not see the crime of embezzlement”. The socialist senator representing the Autonomous Community of Andalusia has confirmed her signature to the measure of grace with Griñán during her participation in a program on the Cuatro television network.

Asked if he had signed the pardon, Díaz replied that “yes, I said so at the time”, and from there he set out the arguments, which, in his opinion, justify the initiative, even though he has expressed that “I have confidence in appeal to the Constitutional Court.

After evoking the fact that Barreiro dismissed the crime of embezzlement, the socialist senator pointed out that this figure “requires that the management center have the opportunity to access those funds” and infer from this that “Pepe did not have access to those funds” .

“His family has resorted to an instrument of grace for humanitarian reasons, because of his age, because of his heritage, he has not taken a penny, even Feijóo has recognized that he was not a corrupt politician,” Susana Díaz has continued, who in the same way form has put forward the fact of the existence of two particular votes to the ruling, approved by three votes in favor and two against.

To these two private votes he has added the fact that Barreiro did not appreciate embezzlement to speak in that case of “a three three”, for which he has recalled that “we do not even know the sentence, only the ruling, something at least anomalous, that the ruling be known, but not the arguments of the magistrates to reach that conclusion.”

In the program, where he held a debate with the delegate for Culture and spokesperson for the PP in the Madrid City Council, Andrea Levy, Díaz insisted that Griñán “is accused of embezzlement not because he is president, but because he is a Minister of the Treasury, which Judge Barreiro did not see, he could not dispose of the funds”.

“There can be no embezzlement when you do not have the management of the funds”, reiterated the PSOE senator representing Andalusia, to remember that the pardon “has not been requested by the PSOE, his family has requested it”.

Díaz has recalled that today the Andalusian Government, as she did at the time, continues to pay the early retirement of the workers included in ERE. “Moreno Bonilla is paying the early retirements, which are legal, I too, we did what the law requires”, recalled the former president of the Board.