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Suspended from employment and salary the vice president of Vox Valladolid for reconciling his police position with positions in companies

The vice president of Vox Valladolid, Félix Ángel Rodríguez Rodríguez, was sanctioned with a suspension of employment and salary for three months and one day because he has combined his function as municipal police with the management of three companies, one of which invoiced the Consistory and even obtained a subsidy from the same without having requested the necessary compatibility as a public official. The sanction was imposed at the end of 2021, when the police officer assumed it.

As recognized On the Vox Valladolid website, Rodríguez has been an official of the Valladolid City Council since 1993 and “businessman in the graphic arts, vehicle rental and 3D printing sector”. In the file that concluded with the sanction for a “very serious” offense, and to which has had access, it was proven that the vice president of Vox and municipal police was the sole administrator and joint representative of Hermespluto SL since 2011. This company Its object is the rental of vehicles with and without driver and chauffeur services. He was also Chairman of the Board of Directors and Solidarity CEO for an indefinite period of time of the company Dima 3D SL whose corporate purpose is the promotion of new production and manufacturing technologies directly and through third parties, developing R&D&I projects, and lastly, He was the sole administrator in the company Gráficas Malpica SL since January 21, 2011, according to a deed authorized on that date, holding the position for an indefinite period of time according to the bylaws. The corporate purpose of the company is digital printing, with a stationery store and photocopies.

Thus, it is established in the file that Rodríguez carried out “private activities inherent to the exercise of the performance of the aforementioned positions in the aforementioned commercial companies outside the City Council of Valladolid since the years 2011 and 2013 without stating that for the exercise of the same there has been acknowledgment of compatibility by the Valladolid City Council has been authorized, there is not even an accredited request or notification of the situation for its assessment before the opening of the disciplinary procedure. Rodríguez acknowledged to the City Council that he received a payroll from Gráficas Malpica, which also has an establishment open to the public and has had commercial activity with the Valladolid City Council itself, for the provision of services and even a grant granted.

In addition, from the Municipal Police of Valladolid, complaints have been processed for violations of the regulations on urban traffic with respect to the commercial companies Gráficas Malpica SL and Hermespluto SL. “The conduct displayed by Mr. Félix Ángel Rodríguez Rodríguez supposes a rupture of the confidence that must preside over the exercise of his own functions in his capacity as Municipal Police Force and Security Corps. He exercises his profession as an agent of the Municipal Police in Valladolid, holding at the same time a power of direction and management in the aforementioned company, inherent to the functions that he holds in his managerial positions, in short, the performance of acts of commercial traffic, (invoicing for the provision of services in some cases and subsidies, expressly acknowledging the paid nature of some of the positions, including having a payroll, paying taxes, annual accounts…) and has been doing so in managerial positions for about ten years, that is to say, an activity continuous and regular, which is configured as an activity in itself, incompatible with the exercise of the police function, of an official who also works in shifts, ”explains the file. One piece of information that is provided is a report from Human Resources of the Consistory in which it is specified that there is “no authorization” of compatibility in force for any agent of the Municipal Police to make his position compatible with commercial activities.

“Family businesses” and “anecdotal sales”

In his defense, Rodríguez assured that they were family businesses where there was “a generational change”, that they barely had billing and workers and that their remuneration, since 2019, had been “in kind”. He also calls the sales made to the City Council “anecdotal”, and clarifies that the subsidy received by one of his merchants has nothing to do with his police post.

In addition, he pointed out that his conduct for 28 years in the Police Corps is “exemplary” and that he has carried out his functions “impartially and defending legality without there being reasons for a breach of trust” because “there is no accredited relationship between the companies with the City Council. According to him, a “judgment of incompatibility” is carried out without taking into account that they belong to his “personal and family assets and that these types of positions in such small companies are more formalistic, they are mere commercial titles, performing functions of signing accounts, presenting taxes, not doing any personal work that prevents them from making their profession and work schedules compatible with these”.

All the police’s arguments are rejected. Among other things, it is underlined that the invoicing of works to the City Council of Valladolid, having workers in said companies, requesting and receiving a subsidy, paying taxes or the opening of sanctioning files in traffic matters that are susceptible to control by the Municipal Police included in the District itself in which the activity is carried out, it shows that there is business activity, in which it carries out management and direction activities that the Headquarters of the Police Corps and the City Council itself were not aware of and, consequently, there was no pertinent authorization. The allegations to minimize the activity in the companies are not shared either, alleging that it is the rental of vintage vehicles exclusively for weddings or that it has hardly had any activity due to the pandemic, when the control activity by the vehicles included those for rental by the Municipal Police does not exclude them and it is a prolonged and regular activity of ten years.

The three companies changed hands in August 2021, shortly after the City Council opened the file against Rodríguez. The agent already created some controversy in October 2020, when on his twitter account he called for social rebellion due to the state of alarm.

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