Friday, December 8

Sustainable investments: Invest sustainably with eco-funds, ethical ETFs & Co

Ökovision Classic C, Swisscanto Green Invest Equity AA und Triodos Sustainable Equity R

Of the global equity funds, there are a few that apply particularly strict selection criteria. This includes the fund Ökovision Classic C from Ökoworld (ISIN LU0061928585/WKN A1C7C2) with a fund volume of almost 2.2 billion euros Swisscanto Green Invest Equity AA (ISIN LU0161535835/WKN 216770) with around 800 million euros of managed capital and the Triodos Sustainable Equity R (ISIN LU0278272413/WKN A0RJ28) with a fund volume of around 1.1 billion euros. The three funds not only observe ESG criteria, they also exclude the promotion of fossil fuels, industrial animal husbandry and the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. However, only the Triodos fund has received the coveted FNG seal of approval.

While the US railway company CSX, the semiconductor manufacturer Micron Technology and the German software group SAP make up the largest positions in the fund assets at Ökovision, the US health insurer United Health, the chemical group Albemarle and the company Bright Horizons Family Solutions are at the forefront of the Swisscanto fund. runs the company kindergartens. At Triodos, the online travel provider Priceline Group, the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche and the US media group Time Warner are at the forefront. While the Ökovision and Swisscanto funds each hold almost 100 shares, Triodos’ fund assets are spread over around 70 shares.

Our recommendation: Compared to the ETFs already presented, investors have to pay significantly more for the investment fund: the Triodos fund is still the cheapest with running costs of 1.46 percent per year. It gets more expensive with the Swisscanto fund, which costs 1.95 percent per year, and with the Ökoworld equity fund, for which you even have to shell out 2.45 percent running costs (TER) annually.

No other financial product in our test sets such high standards as the Triodos fund. The analysis company Morningstar assigns a sustainability rating of 5 earths (high). In the 07/2017 issue of Finanztest, however, Stiftung Warentest only gave an average rating for the risk-reward ratio.

Notice: With regard to the return opportunities in connection with particularly high sustainability, you should definitely take a look at the two eco-funds Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth EUR Hedged and GreenEffects NAI-Werte funds below.