Wednesday, March 22

Switch hacker sentenced to 40 months in prison | Digital Trends Spanish

Gary Bowser, known for his work developing software and hardware to hack the Nintendo Switch and enable the use of pirated games, He was sentenced to 40 months in prison. by a district court in Washington.

The conviction ends a lawsuit launched in 2018 by Nintendo, in which the company said that the work of Bowser and other collaborators grouped in an organization known as Team Xecuter represented losses of $ 65 million.

The prosecution that handled the case had requested a sentence of five years in prison (60 months in jail) due to the high profile of the case.

However, Bowser’s defense requested a 19-month prison sentence, arguing that his client was “the least guilty” in a case mediated by Nintendo, whose intention was to “send a message” to the rest of the organization, whose members reside in countries unlikely to extradite one of their citizens.

In the end, the sentence was an intermediate point between those requested by the prosecution.

The defendant’s defense also agreed to pay Nintendo $10 million in damages.

The chip developed by Team Xecuter connects to the console through the USB port. After the configuration of a software, it allows the installation of game files. On YouTube there are countless guides that teach how to use the device.

The hacker group said the chip takes advantage of a flaw in the recovery mode of the Switch’s Tegra processorso Nintendo cannot fix it via a firmware update.

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