Thursday, December 1

Swoosh: Nike’s metaverse site to sell its products | Digital Trends Spanish

His debut in the metaverse and his own virtual store is the Swoosh Project of Nikewhere the world leader in tennis (sneakers) and sportswear will seek to position itself.

Digital products will include various types of links, and some may unlock access to physical items, make them available in video games, or provide access to real-life events. Registration opens on November 18.

“We’re entering a testing and learning phase,” Ron Faris, head of Nike Virtual Studios, said in an interview. “We still don’t know what behavior consumers will have with the virtual product.”

Bloomberg reports that “all products will be priced in US dollars to reduce volatility and keep the process familiar for new shoppers, with the first collection scheduled to debut in January. Users will eventually be able to connect their own wallets to bring items to other marketplaces. Some Nike-signed athletes will have their own showcases on the site. Individual creators may also be able to co-create products with Nike through community challenges and earn royalties for their designs.”

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