Wednesday, December 7

Sydney Sweeney will be the next Jane Fonda playing Barbarella | Digital Trends Spanish

In 1968 a young Jane Fonda starred in one of her most stellar roles in the cinema, the classic science fiction film Barbarellawhich will now have a new version from Sony and with the leading role of the promising actress sydney sweeney.

Sweeney burst onto the small screen with euphoria and The White Lotus, which earned him Emmy nominations. She also has madam web at Sony, with the film based on the Spider-Man character due out in October 2023.

Jane Fonda sitting in a scene from the film ‘Barbarella,’ 1968. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)

Barbarella sprang from the mind of creator Jean-Claude Forest, who featured her in the 1962 French graphic magazine. She was a female mercenary who wandered the universe in the distant future, taking on various missions. Jane Fonda played the character in a 1968 film, and a musical was produced in 2004.

In addition to acting, Sweeney is behind the production company Fifty-Fifty Films, which is adapting Jessica Goodman’s novel YA 2020 They Wish They Were Us as a limited series titled The Players Club.

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