Saturday, June 10

Szilveszter Csollány dies; anti-vaccine gymnast who lost his life to COVID

An unfortunate news was released this day that puts the world of global sport in mourning, after the loss of an athlete who made history as he was New Year’s Eve Csollány, who at the age of 51 ceased to be part of this world.

Silver medal winner in the Olympic Games from Atlanta ’96 and in Sidney 2000 won the gold in the ring discipline, the convinced anti-vaccine athlete had a serious complication of COVID that took his life this day.

One more episode joins this list of emblematic characters who do not believe in medicine, but when they are chosen by the virus, they do not have the physical strength, much less the adequate defenses, to evade the bug.

New Year’s Eve Csollány, after analyzing several times to undergo the vaccine, made the decision to do so, since in his native country, Hungary, the sports authorities did not allow any athlete to have an activity without the complete vaccination schedule.

That forced the two-time Olympic medalist to follow the course that most people on the planet did so as not to affect his health, but the situation with the Hungarian did not go as expected and he lost the battle in the city of Sopron.

According to the Hungarian media Glance, the Olympic athlete never hid his position against vaccines before the coronavirus, since through his social networks he was always a skeptical character in this situation.

It seems that Csollány was detected with COVID last December, so on day three he was immediately admitted to the hospital for pneumonia problems. His condition worsened and he was transferred to a hospital in Budapest where it had to be supported by an external fan.