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T-Mobile celebrates 5G expansion with its own beer and gin | Digital Trends Spanish

T MobileVerizon’s staunch rival in the installation of 5G in the United States, reached the goal of providing coverage with this mobile technology to 300 million people six months ahead of schedule. To celebrate, he presented 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer, Gin and Beer, respectively, which You can buy at the end of this month in the US.

During the announcement of the expansion of the 5G network in the United States, the company also announced another important fact: the 5G ultracapacity network reached 150 million people and expects to reach 200 million by the end of the month.

According to T-Mobile, its network has an average capacity of 325 Mbps with a maximum of 1 Gbps. To increase the wireless network and have a greater presence across the country, T-Mobile relies on Sprint hubs to augment 5G technology and make it available to more people.

5Gin and 5Ginger are no joke

Although it could be taken as a joke of the April Fool’s Day, to celebrate the advancement of the 5G network in that territory, T-Mobile partnered with Heritage Distilling Company and Jones Soda Company to launch 5Gin gin and 5Ginger beer.

A six-pack of 5Ginger Beer will cost $ 10 with shipping anywhere, while a bottle of 5Gin will be priced at $ 30 and can only be shipped to states where alcohol shipping is allowed. These prices do not include the parcel service.

5G drinks will start selling from June 24 on

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