Friday, December 8

T1 Tomahawk: the innovative measuring tape with screens and lasers | Digital Trends Spanish

Reekon Tools has just presented its new and innovative project. This is T1 Tomahawk, a tape measure that has an OLED screen on top to show the length when the tape is extended. The good news is that this device allows users to choose the unit of measurement, since they can choose between the imperial or metric system.

Thanks to a special button, the tape can store several measurements, which are recorded on a second electronic ink screen located on one of its sides. Also, through a mobile application, measurements can be recorded on a smartphone that connects to the treadmill via Bluetooth.

Another useful element of the tape is a laser that extends a straight line on both sides of the device and allows the tape to be placed perpendicularly to achieve a more accurate reading. Reekon also explains that the measurement that appears on the screen can be reset at any time, while the removable battery offers a performance of up to 15 hours of continuous use.

For now, the T1 Tomahawk is part of a campaign that the firm started on Kickstarter with which it has already raised $1.14 million. Those who are interested in this tool can make a donation of $189 dollars.

It’s a worthwhile option, as when it’s mass-developed, this innovative tape will cost $260, and the first customers will start receiving the measuring device in December of this year.

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