Friday, May 20

Taking care of your health at Easter, beyond exercise and food

Arrives Holy Week and with it some holidays, which translates into more flexible schedules, more outdoor activities, a little trip or simply the option to take some time to rest and regain strength. These days are for many an inspiration to start doing new activities and leaving home more.

And it is also a good time to relax. Although it Doesn’t mean we stop taking care of ourselves, If not the opposite. It is about taking advantage of this calmer and more leisurely environment to rethink some of our daily routines and establish priorities:

Pamper the skin and protect it from the sun

Spring is the time when our skin relieves itself from the dryness of winter and prepares for summer. Climate changes in temperature, sun exposure and humidity levels these days can cause skin irritation, so it is important to change care routines.

During these days it is more important than ever to protect it well from the sun, even on cloudy days, exposing the skin moderately and progressively. In addition to sunscreen with a Protection Factor (SPF or EPF), it is advisable to wear hats, sunglasses and lip balm with sunscreen when walking.

Do not forget the treatment of chronic diseases

During the holidays it’s easy for there to be disruptions to our regular schedules, more social gatherings, and sometimes even more stress caused by the urge to do things we can’t do the rest of the day.

It is important that in cases of chronic diseases such as diabetesheart conditions, hypertension or high cholesterolpeople continue to take care of themselves so that the disease and its symptoms do not worsen.

Therefore, it is essential that they request enough medication for their holiday period and take it with them. If the option is to travel, it is advisable to have a medical report that includes what type of treatment we are following. Don’t forget the medication and continuing the necessary treatment is key.

Although sometimes this is not an easy task. Because, to the problems of medication and treatment, other difficulties are added such as access to clinical information if we are on vacation.

According to him EsChronic Barometerprepared by the Platform of Patient Organizations (POP), published in 2020, 71% of patients who needed healthcare outside their community stated that healthcare providers were unable to access their medical records.

Take better and better care of your feet

This part of the body has to support our weight in every step we make. Our feet deserve a little more attention than we are probably paying them, especially now, when changing habits in activities will also affect them. We went from keeping them hidden and covered up to starting to expose them more, with lighter footwear and no socks.

In this sense, we must choose a good shoe, that is flexible to avoid chafing and blisters; breathable to prevent overheating; that, even if they are open shoes, they are well attached to the foot to avoid sprains.

Hygiene is also key for them to remain healthy. To do this, we must wash them daily with soap and warm or cold water and, very importantly, dry them very well, especially between the toe area, to remove all moisture and the risk of mold appearing.

We can take advantage of the arrival of good weather to walk barefoot on surfaces such as grass or beach sand, which will help tone all the muscles of the foot.

Prevent traffic accidents

During these days of Easter, whether we plan to make a day trip by car or a short road trip, it is important to exercise extreme caution. This year the forecasts point to the possibility of producing 14.6 million trips long-distance on Spanish roads.

From the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) they ask to respect the established speeds; do not drive if you have ingested alcohol or other drugs; wear your seat belt properly; and not forget the new traffic rules that entered into force on March 21 referring to speed, distraction, seat belt and alcohol.

Disconnect from the digital world to take care of emotional well-being

Taking a break from the digital world is a good way to recharge during these days. Being connected and stimulated every day, throughout the day, can take a toll on our mental health. An overworked and stressed brain lacks the ability to plan, focus, solve complex tasks, or pay attention.

It is advisable to control the time we use mobile devices and use them only if necessary, not as part of our leisure (establish a specific time for social networks) and our vacation time.

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