Saturday, September 25

Taliban Interior Ministry Bans “Illegal Protests”

Special envoy in Kabul



The Taliban interim government is already underway and one of its first steps was to ban “illegal protests.” The Islamist authorities do not want images like those of Tuesday to be repeated, with thousands of people shouting against the Taliban, against the interference of Pakistan and in favor of the Panshir resistance. On that occasion, the new forces of order dispersed the demonstrators with shots in the air and detained several journalists who were covering these demonstrations led by women.

Shouts in the demonstrations: “A cabinet without women fails”

Despite the ban, there were small marches by women demanding their inclusion in the new government. The Afp agency reported that the protesters shouted for “work, education and freedom” and reminded the new authorities that “a cabinet without women fails”, but the new authorities do not listen to them.

At the diplomatic level, very necessary so that the Islamists do not remain isolated as in the nineties, Pakistan gave another example of its coordination with the new authorities of Acceptance and suggested the possibility that the ’emirate’ be invited to an economic forum in which six countries in the region, including China, they will try to raise funds to help Afghans overcome the economic crisis.

Ghani asks for forgiveness

After several weeks of silence, the former president Ashraf Ghani He spoke of his refuge in the Persian Gulf to apologize to the Afghans for escaping. “It is with deep regret that my own chapter ended with a tragedy similar to that of my predecessors, without guaranteeing the stability and prosperity of Afghanistan,” Ghani said in a statement. The way he ended his term and the accusations of the Taliban about his escape with suitcases full of dollars they have made him one of the most hated characters by Afghans.

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