Friday, September 24

Taliban respond with tear gas and air gunfire to women’s protests in Kabul

The Taliban have dispersed this Saturday with tear gas and shots in the air a protest organized by Afghan women, who for the second day in a row have taken to the streets in Kabul to demand their rights and their participation in a future government of Afghanistan.

The protesters were marching from the Foreign Ministry towards the gates of the Presidential Palace when they were detained by the Taliban. “They prevented us from continuing the march and said that it is not allowed to go to the door of the Presidential Palace,” one of the protest organizers told Efe, who requested anonymity.

“They used gunshots and tear gas to disperse us, even if five women gather in a place to protest they disperse them,” added this same source, who claimed that a protester had suffered a head injury during the altercations this morning.

This is the second consecutive day of protests by women in Kabul and the third since the Taliban took control of most of the country. The first occurred last Thursday, when a score of Afghans gathered to demand that their rights be respected in the new Taliban regime.

“Today’s protest was in line with yesterday’s protest to ask the Taliban to give women meaningful participation in all aspects of life, including decision-making and politics,” Samira Khairkhwa told EFE. , another of the organizers of the protests in the Afghan capital. The activist remarked that the protests of women will continue “until the Taliban accept our demands, we will not remain silent or lock ourselves in the houses.”

The Islamists promised that their government will be “inclusive”, representing all ethnic groups and tribes in the country, but in the case of women fundamentalist leaders have asked to wait to see what the new guidelines will be, and have said that, in the meantime, the civil servants will be paid at home. The Taliban spokesman, Bilal Karimi, told EFE yesterday that “all Afghans, including women, will enjoy their rights in the future government, but the level of participation of women in politics is something that will be decided and a once the new government is formed. ”

In this sense, Afghan women defend in the last twenty years have made great achievements in the field of rights and education, for which they also deserve to work as ministers, directors and in other government positions. Furthermore, they ask the international community not to forget them and to listen to their voices; that work and defend the rights of Afghan women. EFE

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