Thursday, October 28

Taliban threaten relatives of Afghan interpreters if they do not appear in court



Afghan interpreters who worked for the Netherlands received letters from the Taliban demanding that they appear in court and threaten them with retaliation on their relativesthe Dutch television network NOS reported on Friday.

If interpreters go into hiding, their family members could be held responsible for their alleged crimes if they do not appear in court, and «they would be punished harshly to teach the rest of the traitors a lesson», According to one of the letters, published by NOS.

The Dutch network explained that the recipient of this letter, who worked for a Europol (European police) mission, is suspected of having worked as an interpreter for foreigners and of having received “his dishonorable and forbidden money.”

«We will get revenge. If we can’t catch you we will settle this matter with your relatives“They warn in another letter, in which they accuse the interpreter of being responsible for the death of Taliban fighters.

According to NOS, everything indicates that these letters, which bear an official seal, They were sent by the Taliban, although the chain acknowledged that it was very difficult to verify this information.

The chain explained that it was in contact with a dozen interpreters who worked for the Netherlands and that they told them that his situation was becoming more and more dramatic.

The Taliban in June asked Afghan interpreters for foreign forces to “repent”, but that they continue to live in Afghanistan after the departure of Western troops.

The insurgents, back in power, promised them that “they would be in no danger anywhere.” Despite this promise, a confidential UN report warned that the Taliban are persecuting those who worked for foreign military forces.

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