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Tania Casas, soccer narrator: “Since I was a child I wanted to be a sports journalist and I have had to show more than a man to take small steps”

On May 12, 2019, the ears of thousands of Spaniards were surprised to hear something that until then had not happened on television in Spain: a woman carried the weight of the narrative in a first division soccer match. It was Danae Boronat from Tarragona, who was broadcast that day by Sevilla FC-Atlético de Madrid. But the female narrators of soccer broadcasts can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It is true that there are more and more women on the field, commenting or moderating on set, but there are still very few narrators.

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On that list is a young woman who every weekend (or when they claim her) shows her voice to the screen of Footters and directs the broadcast from start to finish. She is Tania Casas Pérez, born in Linares (Jaén) on February 8, 1997 and living in Seville since 2015.

Tania studied journalism and has a Master’s degree in Institutional and Political Communication, although her specialization is sports. “Since I was a child I always wanted to be a sports journalist and I have had to show more than a man to take small steps. My references have always been men. I believe that the incursion of women in the world of football is a fight for all and that men they cannot be left out, “he explains.

In this context, she remembers that she has always been surrounded by colleagues “who have helped me a lot and who have treated me as one more. My dream is that girls who want to be a sports journalist have a woman as a reference, whom to look at. That they understand. that they too can do it and that no one has the right to say no to her because of her gender. ”

His debut, in Jaén

Curiously, azulilla (a fan of Linares) and Betica, his first foot of the field was in La Victoria de Jaén in a derby between Real Jaén and Linares in 2018. “Tomás Ballesteros and Radio Linares Cadena Ser gave me the opportunity to undertake the I am on my way to what I am achieving today. I was collaborating with them for several years, both as a commentator and on the field. ”

Later, he sent his CV to Footters “and Ale González, head of announcers, called me to jump into a pool that I found full. I have been very well received by the fans, I feel highly valued. And nobody has ever put me on in doubt because of the fact of being a woman. Everything that I am living seems to me like a dream. There are very few women at the forefront of narratives in Spain and that they have bet on me, it is a pride, “he explains.

In addition, she had the opportunity to do an internship at the Footters Communication Department and they also bet on her. For several months he has been part of the staff of this section of the company. “In this way, I not only live football at its best, as is the narrative. Also, I soak up its insides.”

“I’m not afraid of anything”

At the time of narrating, he explains that he does not have assigned teams, but that he rotates according to what he is commissioned to do. This course will be in the First RFEF Footters, Second RFEF or Third RFEF. In addition, the rights of foreign leagues such as Italian Serie B, the Admiral Bundesliga or the Paulista sub20 have also been acquired. “I will drop by whenever they deem it appropriate. I’m not afraid of anything,” he says.

Interestingly, her first assignment for the new course has brought her home. This weekend he has been in Linarejos commenting on the Linares Deportivo-CD Alcoyano.

Finally, he launches some guidelines that are important to follow: “We have to stop being surprised when we see a woman narrating or commenting on a football match. Things have changed and seeing women in the stands has already become normal. On the other hand, women work in this sport, no “.

Thus, he regrets that “there are still too many allusions to the physique or the way they have had to get their jobs. That is unacceptable. I have been lucky enough to surround myself with people with a mentality according to the century in which we live, but I know that Not everyone is the same”.

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