Saturday, September 25

Tattooists who draw nipples to breast cancer survivors protest Facebook censorship

Dozens of medical tattooists from the World Medical Artist group have gathered this Tuesday in front of Facebook’s central office in London disguised as inflatable breasts to protest against the censorship of this social network in the posts where they shared their work, which consists of tattooing nipples on the breasts of women who have required a mastectomy for breast cancer.

The algorithm had eliminated the images as being ‘too sexual’, which, they explain, is an impediment for artists to show these tattoos, which can help women who have needed to undergo surgery for their disease. The photos are automatically classified as pornographic content, which results in the removal of the content and blocking of your account.

For this reason, they denounce that the erroneous sexualization of their publications is preventing many women from knowing more about this reconstruction work, which on many occasions can help them psychologically.

Facebook’s “Nudity and Sexual Activity” policy makes it clear that female nipples cannot be published, establishing only three exceptions: “In the context of breastfeeding, childbirth or the aftermath or health-related situations.” The Zuckerberg network does state that women’s nipples can be posted “to raise awareness of breast cancer.” According to the British edition of HuffPost, from Facebook they have made public that they have restored all the content of World Medical Artists and that they will continue working to improve this aspect.

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