Friday, December 3

Teachers’ unions insist that educational centers must be adapted for the return to classes

Some teachers’ unions have spoken out against the possible publication of the Decree that governs the 2022 school year, because, despite not opposing the measure, they consider that the facilities of the educational centers are not in the best conditions for the resumption of face-to-face classes.

On the one hand, the educator and leader Nelva Reyes, He pointed out that it is necessary for schools to have drinking water and to meet the requirements to avoid possible outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19), but emphasized that this has not happened in the proper way.

In addition, he indicated that in the Ministry of Education (Meduca) there have been layoffs of manual workers and these have not yet been named; According to her, during the pandemic it should have been used to adapt the educational centers, but it was the opposite.

Secondly, Edy Pinto, from Association of Educators of San Miguelito, He pointed out that there are still many schools that are not in optimal conditions, which is why he considers that these problems must be addressed if new measures are to be implemented, he said that they are not opposed, but solutions must be applied.

In sum, he stressed that the problem has precedents because, in his opinion, during the pandemic, the government did not provide students with the technology that would allow adequate connectivity for the learning process.

In days gone by, the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, said that approximately 65% ​​of schools have adequate conditions for the start of classes in 2022. However, alternatives are being sought in shopping centers or other community locations for those centers that are not ready.

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